Why You Need A WordPress Theme Engine? (Hint: They don’t!)

Whether you work with a few WordPress themes to design websites or have worked with many, you will no doubt agree that plenty of WordPress themes that are visually gorgeous on the front end can extremely attractive and extremely difficult to use on the website. back

Working with a WordPress theme can sometimes be difficult, but it can be different.

Do you need proof? Look no further than BeTheme.

BeTheme, with 260,000+ sales and counting and a user rating of 4.83 stars, is one of the top 5 best selling WordPress themes of all time.

In this article, we’ll show you one of the many reasons why this is so by focusing on how the BeTheme engine is designed to make web design tasks more manageable.

Improve your workflow experience with a stress-free WordPress theme engine

When you install BeTheme, you’ll notice almost immediately that it’s different. Instead of a drab and often incomprehensible WordPress engine, you’ll suddenly be faced with a clean, well-organized dashboard and tools.

You really haven’t lost anything. WordPress, with its vast array of content management tools, is still there. The Be engine is a visually appealing space in which you will enjoy working.

If only the rest of WordPress could follow suit.

If you haven’t worked with BeTheme recently (or at all), why not let you walk through some of its most helpful backend features.

Starting with:

1. Panel Design

The BeTheme panel is conveniently located just below the main WordPress Dashboard connection. So you won’t waste time sifting through the sidebar trying to find your theme settings, and everything is displayed on the dashboard designed to help you get the most out of your WordPress theme.

Click on the BeTheme or the Dashboard a link gives you immediate access to:

  • Registration theme information
  • BeTheme step by step website builder
  • A Navigation Bar that directs you to frequently used BeTheme tools
  • Add-on status and updates and new feature announcements
  • The latest additions to BeTheme’s ever-growing library of pre-built websites
  • BeTheme Beloved integration

It takes a moment to fully appreciate how helpful this panel will be.

2. Dark / Light Mode

Research on the benefits of dark mode is inconclusive. But since so many people seem to like it, it’s available as an option in many popular apps and devices.

Dark mode users will tell you that they have less eye strain, sleep better, and their device batteries last longer than in light mode.

The BeTheme engine offers a dark mode option, and you are encouraged to try it out.

If you feel it’s beneficial, so much the better, and you don’t need to worry about what the research has, or hasn’t shown.


3. Step-by-Step Website Builder

When you first install a WordPress theme, it’s not uncommon to spend some time trying to figure out what to do next. The theme ads may highlight an impressive selection of displays, but where are they more accurate?

Of course, you will find them eventually, but is it worth all the trouble you went through?

BeTheme removes that barrier.

You will notice the Setup Wizard under BeTheme (and also in the dashboard.) Click on the wizard, and with its step-by-step website, you can:

  • Give your website a name.
  • Choose the page builder you want to work with and choose your preferred editing method.
  • Choose an ideal pre-built website based on the industry or niche of your new website.
  • Easily replace your own content.

The entire process of loading your brand new site and page builder into WordPress takes minutes (or more like 30 seconds once you get used to it).


4. Prebuilt Site Preview

With BeTheme, you can choose from more than 650 pre-built websites. New ones are being added as we speak, and they’re super easy to find. Look under the dashboard’s Websites link or under Prebuilt Websites in the BeTheme sidebar menu, and they’re there!

You will be familiar with the design facilities and options available in no time, and it will be easy for you to incorporate the latest design trends into your websites. BeTheme even put previews of the newest pre-built websites on your dashboard to help you out.

You can choose one of the latest pre-built websites to work with, or you may find one or more that you particularly like. Pre-built sites that you don’t intend to work with can still be sources of inspiration.

Whatever your preferences, it will be easy for you to incorporate the latest trends in website designs.


5. Plugin Manager

BeTheme’s Add-ons different from what you see in the WordPress plugin area. You will find some of these differences very helpful in that BeTheme’s plugin manager enables you to:

  • View the active plugins you have installed.
  • Update plugins when needed.
  • Install and activate plugins only when needed.

The last item is necessary in that plugins do not appear in the WordPress plugin manager until you have installed them. Not having to install plugins you don’t need will help keep your website running at a high level of performance.


6. BeTheme support

WordPress is a powerful and popular content management system. It may, in fact, be the most powerful and popular system of its kind.

WordPress is also community-driven to a significant extent, which sometimes creates an inconvenience for the user. As a user, you may have to dig sometimes to find answers to your questions or get help when needed.

You don’t have to get used to that inconvenience to get support from BeTheme.

To access the BeTheme support center, you don’t need to go beyond the BeTheme sidebar or dashboard to access self-support options or open a ticket for direct assistance.


7. Theme Options

Many popular WordPress themes have capabilities to customize theme settings. With BeTheme, it’s easy to set brand colors, choose custom fonts, and set up global layouts. The same goes for configuring responsiveness, performance and accessibility, all of which are essential for optimizing UX and search engine functionality.

The problem with most theme options is that they can only be modified from the main WordPress dashboard. So if, while you are designing a page, you suddenly realize that part of its design is not configured correctly, or you are unhappy with any design element, you will have to save your changes and go to an engine your theme to make the necessary settings.

From the BeTheme dashboard inside the BeBuilder BeTheme, you can modify your Theme Options without disrupting your workflow.


8. White Label Mode

A final feature of the BeTheme WordPress theme engine that you should be familiar with is BeCustom. This critical feature is located under BeTheme in the sidebar.

BeCustom enables you to access some white label regions in BeTheme.

You can use BeCustom to:

  • Branding Substitute Be with your business branding to reinforce your name with your clients.
  • Disable any features that your clients have no use for and deny access to any features that you don’t want to modify while making the WordPress theme engine easier to work with.
  • Create an extra secure and user-friendly WordPress login.
  • Customize the dashboard’s “Welcome” message.

Make Your WordPress Design Projects Simple To Handle With BeTheme

Is there anything that BeTheme doesn’t do?

Probably, but nothing to detract from your design effort.

Hundreds of pre-built websites with this WordPress theme will help you quickly start almost any website project and get going in the right direction.

BeTheme features the fastest and most powerful page builder for WordPress.

You will have full control over every aspect and aspect of your website’s UI.

In short, BeTheme offers the best way to manage any web design project within WordPress.

[- This is a sponsored post on behalf of BeTheme -]

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