Why advertising is good: ways to ensure your ads are working

We’ve all seen ads on television where we were scratching our heads, wondering, “What was THAT?” Whether it was quirky, offensive, or just completely disconnected from the product on offer, we weren’t inclined to make a purchase after seeing it.

You never want your ads to have that impact, especially since as a small business you have no resources to waste. You want to make sure that every ad you pay for makes a difference to your audience and attracts new customers.

How can you do it? Let’s take a look at ways to make sure your ads hit the mark with your audience.

Make your product or service the star

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is that they focus so much on being memorable, funny, or unusual that they forget to highlight why their product or service is ideal for the audience.

As a result, you may laugh or have a catchy phrase stuck in your head, but you won’t remember the company name or offer. This means that the company has spent a lot of time and money and won’t get new customers from their efforts.

When creating an advertisement, make sure your product or service is the center of attention. You can also be memorable, but no one will forget who you are.

Target your ideal audience

Television advertising like television and radio is falling out of favor with companies of all sizes, and for good reason. The audience is so large that you are unable to effectively target your ideal customers. It costs a lot of money to reach such a large audience, and you’re not sure you’re connecting with your target market.

Instead, find ways to target your audience more precisely with your advertising. For example, social media ads or pay-per-click advertising on Google can help you move forward as your long-term marketing strategies are gaining momentum. These ads can be very specifically targeted, which means you can also personalize your message very precisely.

Instead of reaching “Women 25 to 50”, you can reach women in a specific neighborhood who are 25 – 35, have a child and have recently bought a home. This means that your messages can be about very specific problems that those types of people face, and you can present your product or service as a solution.

You’ll get a far better return on investment (ROI) with more precise targeting and messaging.

Be original and creative

Keeping your target audience and product or service in mind, be original and creative with your advertising. One of the reasons Dollar Shave Club was such a huge success was because the company’s online ads were great for the audience, while also being very memorable.

The razor maker was fun, irreverent, and very focused on men who need razors. The company made fun of the common problems these men faced, such as expensive replacement razors and the tendency to include more and more blades in a razor over time.

Showcasing the simplicity and low cost of their razors in a fun way, Dollar Shave Club has attracted a lot of attention and has grown very quickly.

What can your small business do to inject some humor and fun into offering your products and services?

Make your ads part of a marketing strategy

When a small business tells us that advertising hasn’t been effective for them, we ask them how consistent they have been. Unfortunately, business owners are so busy that many of them do “random marketing acts,” in which they occasionally post an ad, usually when business is slow.

If your advertising isn’t part of an overall digital marketing strategy, you’ll struggle to get the results you need. This means you need to work on search engine optimization (SEO) and other long-term strategies as well as advertising. Once these efforts take hold, you can spend less on ads while still getting new leads and customers ready to buy on a regular basis.

One of the reasons why is advertising good for you? is that it can bring short-term results as long-term strategies take hold.

Keep things ethical

Most entrepreneurs know that lying in advertisements isn’t just wrong, it won’t build the business in the long run either. Once leads and customers realize that you are misrepresenting yourself, word will spread quickly and you will lose your reputation.

However, there are other considerations when it comes to ethics in advertising. Sometimes you don’t lie about things, but you are numb to specific social groups. Maybe you try to capitalize on a current event in a way that looks like a pimp or pimp. Maybe you play a joke or experience offensive humor.

There are dozens of examples of companies that have crossed the line with their advertising and have had to pay the price. Bad publicity, online outrage, boycotts and petitions are all the result of bad publicity. A larger company might have the money to hire a PR professional or get over the anger, but a small business can be ruined by this kind of misstep.

Make sure your advertising is ethical in terms of honesty and sensitivity. There are many ways to be fun and original without being offensive.

Use advertising that works

If you are going to invest in advertising, it should be very effective. If you follow the tips above, you will be able to grab the attention of your target audience in a fun and original way without losing sight of your products and services.

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