What is the Google business profile?

Have you ever wondered how Google can show you a shop or service near your location, even if you don’t add “near me” to your search?

This is not the magic of search engines. Many local businesses shown in Google’s search results will have done one simple thing: They claimed their business profile from Google (formerly known as Google My Business).

You too can leverage this powerful SEO weapon and bring your business in front of people looking to buy products or services near your location.

What is a Google business profile?

A Google Business Profile is a free tool used by businesses for better marketing to local customers.

It offers an easy way to create, manage and optimize the information that appears for your business in Google search results, on Google Maps and (sometimes) in Google Shopping.

When someone searches for local services or businesses, your details, such as your name, address, opening hours, and website, will be shown to an interested audience.

Where does a Google Business profile appear online?

Google Business information is displayed in a variety of search properties, depending on the type of search performed.

Google knowledge panel

If your business name is used as a search term, information from your Google business profile is presented in a box to the right of the search results. This provides the local search user with useful information about your business, such as physical address, contact phone number, and opening hours.

Google Local Pack / Local Finder

Search users who turn to Google for a specific type of local business will see information from Google business profiles presented in a list under a map in the search results. This area is known as the Google Local Pack / Local Finder. The information shown for each business is pulled from the Google business profile.

Google local package

Google Maps

Clicking on any of the business names in the list will take the search user to a large map, with pins indicating business locations with an information panel for the selected business.

Google Maps

Who Qualifies for a Google Business Profile?

Google company profile launched in 2014 as a one-stop shop to help local businesses shine. In its official announcement, Google said it was created for businesses as “a free and easy way to find and connect with people, wherever you are”.

Not all businesses are eligible, so before you rush to get started, you’ll need to confirm this qualify for a Google business profile.

You don’t need to have your own business website to claim your business listing on Google. In fact, with Google Business Profile, you can create a website optimized for mobile devices Without costs.

But you Do it must be a company that has face-to-face contact with customers, at your location or elsewhere, such as at their home or elsewhere.

Companies online only He can not apply for a business listing on Google.

Why do I need a Google Business profile?

Google Business Profile is a free tool, so you can set it up yourself without hurting your marketing budget. In return, it offers a number of benefits that will increase your business’s revenue by helping you make more sales.

1. Increased visibility in Google searches and Google maps

Google tells us four out of five people use search to find a local business, e studies on local search ranking factors demonstrate that listing information directly affects the visibility of your business The Google Local Pack, the Knowledge Panel and Google Maps results.

Google star rating

Think of your Google business listing as a dating profile. This is your chance to conquer both of Google And local consumers by sharing everything that makes your business unique:

  • Who are you? The basics, such as name, location and opening hours.
  • what are you doing? Activity categories, both primary and secondary.
  • Why should I choose you? Add a compelling description, imaginative images, and display your reviews online.

This data tells Google what you do and where you are, helping it decide when and where to show your business to users.

2. It helps you win more deals

As a local business, someone else is likely to sell the same items or have the same experience within your city.

Google business listings give people an easy way to compare similar service providers and resellers. Lists are standardized, so users can quickly narrow down their selection and decide who best fits their needs.

This makes a business listing on Google an invaluable SEO tool to be seen by people unfamiliar with the area or by a local who needs a product or service for the first time.

3. It will show your reviews

It is not a secret Online reviews are a powerful sales tool. They are the word of mouth recommendation of the digital age, providing people with valuable information on where to spend their money.

Feedback from peers is highly appreciated when evaluating an unfamiliar business and can lead an unsure consumer to become a confirmed customer.

Google Maps star rating

A Google business listing allows you to quickly and easily respond to reviews and easily track what is being said about your brand.

4. Offers useful information about your audience

The Google business profile dashboard includes an “Insights” section. Just as the name suggests, this gives you useful insights into your audience behavior and your business performance in search.

This data can tell you whether users are specifically looking for your business name or are finding you via other search terms. The insights also allow you to monitor the actions taken by consumers after seeing your profile, such as requesting directions or making a call.

Our Google company profile statistics study delves into what you should expect to see and how you can use this data to improve.

The business profile dashboard is currently limited to six months of data. If you want to look further back, BrightLocal GBP control tool offers access to 18 months of Insights data.

What are the features of the Google business profile?

When you have claimed e verified in your Google Business listing, you will have access to a dashboard of tools. Features Include:

  • A description of the activity to tell local search users more about your business and what you do.
  • Questions and answers from local consumers
  • Reviews
  • Messages to share updates, events and offers
  • Photos and videos, both from you as an entrepreneur and as a consumer
  • Useful information such as opening hours and contact details
  • Reservations, reservations and appointment booking

How do I use the Google business profile?

As a business owner, you can use your Google business profile to share useful information, news, updates, and offers about your business with local consumers. After requesting your free listing, you will fill in your listing information providing details such as opening hours, contact information, photos of your business, and a description of what your business does, its services or products.

Once you’ve filled out the basics, you’ll need to check in regularly to respond to reviews, answer questions, upload new photos, and share posts (small updates from your business, event information, or offers).

How do consumers use the Google business profile?

Consumers use the Google business profile to find local businesses, compare them and access useful information such as opening hours, reviews from other customers, directions to physical locations and contact details. Consumers can also share their feedback on your listing in the form of reviews and suggested edits, and upload their own images and videos that showcase their experience of your business, products or services.

What should I include in the Google business profile?

Your Google business profile should include useful local information about your business, including your address, phone number, website URL, and precise opening hours. It should also provide details about your products and services, along with helpful images and videos.

With your basic information up to date, you should therefore aim to answer any questions consumers send and share regular updates from your business via posts. These could include the launch of new products or services, changes to opening hours, adding new team members, company milestones, links to new blog posts, and ongoing special offers or promotions.

What is the purpose of the Google business profile?

Google Business Profile helps link local searches that need specific products and services with appropriate local businesses. It plays a vital role in local search, with information from Google business profiles used to inform search results. The information listing also makes it easier for local consumers to find your business and contact you.

Is the Google business profile totally free?

Yes, it is totally free to use the Google business profile. There is no cost to claim your business listing or any cost to use any of the features on your Google business profile, including reviews, posts, photos, and insights.

Is a Google business profile necessary?

The Google business profile is extremely beneficial to eligible local businesses. Your listing can help you appear more prominently in local searches and be more visible to local consumers. If you aim to grow your business and get more local consumers or traffic to your physical location, the Google business profile is an absolute must.

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