Weekly News for Designers № 679

On-Scroll Typography Animation – Effects that add an extra layer of creativity to a website.
Example from On-Scroll Typography Animation

GSAP CodePens 2022 – Explore this collection of code snippets featuring the popular animation library.
Example from GSAP CodePens 2022

8 CSS & JavaScript Elements That Celebrate Books – Check out examples that recreate the look and feel of books.
Example from 8 JavaScript CSS Templates That Celebrate Books

A Complete Guide to Becoming a Regex Guru – This handy resource will help you tackle complex material.
Example from The Complete Guide to Becoming a Regex Guru

Interactive SVG Reference – Learn and have fun with various SVG concepts using this guide.
Example from the Interactive SVG Reference

How Do You Define a Successful Web Project? – Why personal success does not mean project success.
Example from How Do You Define a Successful Web Project?

Code Documentation, Streamlines – Best practices and techniques for automating documentation.
Example from Code Documentation, Streamlines

Building an Accessible Theme Chooser with HTML, CSS and JavaScript – This tutorial demonstrates a feature that allows users to choose a website’s color scheme.
Example from Building an accessible theme selector with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Top 50 Free Web UI Kit Templates – Check out these free kits available in a variety of formats.
Sample from 50 Best Free Web Interface Templates & Widgets

10 Things Everyone Told Me About Design Systems – Helpful tips to better understand what a design system is (and isn’t).
Example from 10 No One Told Me About Design Systems

More Real World Uses for :has() – Common situations where a CSS pseudo-class can be useful.
Example from More Real-World Uses for :has()

Even With Tools Like AI, Building a Great Website Is Still Hard – Why human involvement is still a key factor in web design.
Example from Even With Tools Like AI, Building a Great Website Is Still Hard

OKLCH Color Picker & Converter – A new browser-supported method for encoding colors.
Example from OKLCH Color Picker & Converter

Accessibility Kit for Web Developers – Find out how one agency tests their work for accessibility.
Example from Accessibility kit for web developers

Hicon – A simple vector icon pack realized in Figma and crafted for designers and developers.
Example from Hicon

Unicons – This tool will help you find the perfect icon font or SVG within your favorite design apps.
An example from Unicons

Scalable CSS – A basic guide to finding the best approach to writing CSS that scales with any medium-sized project.
Example from Scalable CSS

50 Free Responsive Layout HTML Templates – Free templates that are easy to use and customize.
Example from 50 Free Responsive Web Layout HTML Templates

Simpler CSS Selectors With :is() – Stop writing redundant code with this handy CSS pseudo-class.
Example from Simpler CSS Selectors With :is()

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