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40 Free Templates for DaVinci Resolve – Create a winning video using these outstanding templates.
Sample from 40 free templates for DaVinci Resolve

Design Pattern Guidelines: Study Guide – Use this resource to help you implement the right UI patterns.
Example from Design-Pattern Guidelines: Study Guide

Top Startup Tools Of 2022 – Discover useful tools that will help speed up your workflow.
Example from Top Starter Tools Of 2022

Bring Back Blogging – A movement in response to the decline of Twitter.
Example from Bring Back Blogging

State of JS 2022 – Take a look at what JavaScript has been up to in the past year.
Example from JS 2022 State

State of Email 2023 – Check out this annual report with expert tips, industry stats, and data-driven forecasts for sending better emails.
An example from The State of Email 2023

Dealing with the Low Profit Areas of Your Freelance Business – Learn how to identify problem services and decide if they should stay or go.
An Example from Dealing with the Low Profit Areas of Your Freelance Business

JavaScript Rising Stars 2022 – Discover rising projects of the past 12 months.
An example from 2022 JavaScript Rising Stars

Our Top Core Web Vitals Recommendations for 2023 – A collection of best practices from the Chrome DevRel team.
An example from our Core Web Vitals top recommendations for 2023

How Uncertainty in Social Media Reinforced the Importance of Websites – Why a website is still the best bet for establishing your brand.
An Example from How the Uncertainty of Social Media Reinforces the Importance of Websites

:has a Lesser Selector – A look at how the CSS selector has changed recently.
An instance of :has is a non-mitigating selector

ScrollyVideo.js – A component for creating scroll-based video playback.
Example from ScrollyVideo.js

How to Help Clients Get Their Ideas Out – Advice for taking the first step in the information gathering process.
Example from How to Help Clients Get Their Ideas Out

3D in CSS – A reference for creating 3D effects.
Example 3d in CSS

Conditional CSS – Common examples of how to write CSS that meets defined conditions.
Example from CSS Conditional

Update on WordPress.org/Themes – Get an early look at the redesigned WordPress Theme Directory.
Example from Refresh on WordPress.org/themes

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