All Things AI – Use this resource to find AI tools and services.
An example from All Things AI

ResumeTide – A tool that aims to help you build an attractive resume quickly.
Example from ResumeTide

What is a Design System? – A quick guide to six different types of design systems.
Example from What is a Design System?

Best Pens 2022 on CodePen – Explore the hottest pens of the year!
An example from Top Pens of 2022 on CodePen

Website Skills Your Clients Need to Know – Skills that will help clients manage their website effectively.
Example from Website Skills Your Clients Need to Know

Sailboat UI – A modern UI component library for Tailwind CSS with 150+ components.
Example from Sailboat UI

Unicopy – Click to copy common Unicode characters and symbols.
Example from Unicopy

Why You Should Do Annual Website Audits – Tips for auditing the websites you manage and what you can learn along the way.
Example from Why You Should Do Annual Website Audits

Why do users prefer a certain design? – The influence of evolutionary factors on the perception of the environment on our choices for a particular design.
Example from Why do users prefer a certain design?  Insights from landscape theory

Tree Views in CSS – Learn how to build an accessible tree view using HTML and CSS.
Example from Tree views in CSS

HTTPie AI – This tool uses artificial intelligence to make it easier to interact with APIs.
Example from HTTPie AI

CSS Style Queries – Take an in-depth look at this experimental CSS specification.
Example from CSS Style Questions

Five Typography Trends Set to Make Waves in 2023 – A look at the innovation happening with typography.
Example from Five typography trends set to make waves in 2023

Why Web Performance Still Matters in 2023 – How a performing website can improve user experience, SEO, and more.
Example from Why web performance still matters in 2023

Commercial & Community Categorization Goes Live on Themes & Plugins Directory – These changes are intended to help users find valuable background information on themes and plugins.
Example from's Live Commerce and Community Categorization of Themes and Plugins Directory