Weekly News for Designers № 674

Easy Mockup Plugin – This Figma plugin helps you quickly create device mockups.
Example from Easy Mockup

Foney Fonts Logo Quiz – Test your typographic knowledge with this holiday themed challenge.
Example from Foney Fonts Logo Quiz

40 Amazing Special Effects Tutorials for After Effects – Learn how to bring your videos to life with this handy resource.
Example from 40 Great Special Effects Tutorials for After Effects

Gallery Transition Tooltip – Learn how to build an animated and interactive gallery feature.
Example from Tooltip to Transition Gallery

CSS For URLs & HTTP Headers – What if you could write a selector based on any piece of information in the HTTP response?
Example from CSS For URLs and HTTP Headers

Photoshot – Upload a few selfies and create an AI-enhanced avatar with this tool.
Example from Photoshot

How to Organize Content Effectively within WordPress – These built-in tools can help make content structure more logical and easier to maintain.
Example from How to Organize Content Effectively within WordPress

Google Fonts Information Final Fall of 2022 – The store is expected to be added in the fourth quarter of the year.
An example from the last Google Fonts Knowledge fall of 2022

How to Convert Wireframes to HTML – A detailed look at turning designer mockups into working prototypes.
Example from How to convert wireframes to HTML

Design Tools Survey – View the results of the 2022 edition of the survey.
Example from the Design Tools Survey

How to Do Design Politics – Tips for getting project stakeholders on the same page.
An example from How to Navigate the Politics of Design

The State of UX in 2023 – A look at where the industry is headed in the new year.
An example from The State of UX in 2023

Front End Access Patterns For Responsive Tables – Tips for determining the right approach to responsiveness.
Example from Front End Access Patterns For Responsive Tables (Part 1)

A Practical Guide to SEC Media Questions – Use this helpful reference to gain a deeper understanding of what media questions are and how to use them effectively.
An example from the SEC's Practical Guide to Media Matters

Why Working With Clients Takes Commitment – ​​The types of commitments web designers have to make, along with tips for managing them.
Example from Why He Takes Commitment to Work with Clients

From Type to Type – One designer’s process for creating a successful logo.
Example from From type to logotype

New WordPress Sandbox Project Demos – A browser-based tool that allows you to test themes and plugins without installing WordPress.
Example from New WordPress Sandbox Project Demos

WP Awards 2022 – Review the top winners and vote-getters in various WordPress-related categories.
An example from The WP Awards 2022

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