Weekly News for Designers № 670

Mona & Hubot Sans – Check out these versatile open source variable fonts.
An example from Mona and Hubot Sans

How are Dialogs, Modality & Popovers different? – Dive deep into what makes these design elements unique.
An example from dialogs, modality and popovers seem similar.  How are they different?

GitHub Blocks – Try this technical preview of a block-based way to improve GitHub repositories.
Example from GitHub Blocks

The Grumpy Designer Asks: Are You Tired? – Why balancing life and career has never been harder.
Example from The Grumpy Designer Asks: Are You Tired?

CSS Cloth Corners – This online tool will generate rounded corners using CSS clip-path.
Example from CSS Clothoid Corners

Almost Monospaced: The Perfect Fonts for Writing – Situations where it makes sense to use monospaced fonts.
Example from Almost monospaced: the perfect fonts for writing

What Web Designers Can Pay Back – How to Avoid Mistakes That Have Long-Term Consequences.
Example from What Can Be Returned to Haunt Web Designers

Why We Need the SEC Speech – A look at designing a listening presentation of the subject.
Example from Why CSS Speech is needed

3D Typing Effects with Three.js – A detailed tutorial on how to create printable 3D text with Three.js.
Example from 3D Typing Effects with Three.js

Lenis Library – A new fine scrolling library worth checking out.
Example from Lenis Smooth Scroll Library

Slim Icons – Free open source library of 90+ icons.
Example from Slim Icons

Bricks – Download this free component library for Figma.
Example from Bricks UI Kit

Tips for Hosting Events on Your Website – How to make sure you choose the right platform for your needs.
Example from Tips for Building Event Registration on Your Website

The Evolution of Scalable CSS – The problems with scaling CSS on large projects, along with best practices.
An example from the Scalable CSS Evolution

15 Stunning Lightroom Presets for Fashion Photos – Enhance the look of your fashion shots with these amazing presets.
Sample from 15 Cloudy Lightroom Presets for Fashion Photography

Stylify – This tool dynamically generates CSS based on what you type.
Example from Stylify

Examples of Beautiful CSS Checkboxes – Get inspired with these copy-and-paste checkbox styles.
Example from CSS Beautiful checkboxes

Managing CSS Styles in a Block WordPress Theme – Learn the best practices behind writing CSS for these new themes.
Example from Managing CSS Styles in a WordPress Block Theme

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