Weekly News for Designers № 667

8 Tasty CSS & JavaScript Snippets to Recreate Sweet Treats – Enjoy these mouth-watering items that will sweeten your screen.
Example from 8 Delicious CSS & JavaScript Patterns to Recreate Sweet Treats

Nabla Font – Check out this unique isometric color font.
An example from Nabla

Icones – Find the perfect icon collection for your project through this search tool.
Example from Icones

Figma Autoname – This plugin will name layers for your Figma projects in one click.
Example from Figma Autoname

Ask the Right Questions If You Want to Avoid Unwanted Projects – Look at one of the best ways to get smaller projects done.
Example from Ask the Right Questions if You Want to Avoid Undesirable Projects

html.to.design – Convert any website to fully editable Figma designs with this tool.
Example from html.to.design

Lucide – An open source toolkit that is a fork of Feather icons.
An example from Lucide

Wasteful Potential of CSS Attribute Selectors – Explore the concept of styling HTML attributes instead of CSS classes.
An example from CSS attribute selectors is a waste of potential

CSS Future – Predicting future trends and distant aspects.
An example from futuristic CSS

The Importance of Diversifying Your Client Ceiling – Why relying on one client can be dangerous for your design business.
An Example from The Importance of Diversifying Your Client Roster

Responsive Animations for All Screen Sizes and Devices – Tips for creating animations that will work on all screens.
Example of Responsive Animation for All Screen Sizes and Devices

Why We’re Breaking Up With CSS-in-JS – One developer’s take on why the technology isn’t living up to its hype.
Example from Why We're Breaking Up CSS-in-JS

Paper Wireframe Kit – Get your projects started quickly with this “low-fi” wireframe kit for Figma.
Example from Paper Wireframe Kit

10 More Stunning Title Templates for Adobe After Effects – Wow your audience with these incredible video title templates.
Example from 10 Cooler Title Templates for Adobe After Effects

Container Queries: Style Queries – Dive into this recent CSS feature and see how it can benefit your projects.
Example from Container Questions: Style Questions

Debate Over Active Plugin Replacement Growth Data Continues Behind Closed Doors – More details about the controversial decision have been revealed.
Example from Plugin Replacement Discussion Growth Data is Growing Behind Closed Doors

Gutenberg Best Practices – A guide to building sustainable features for WordPress block and site editors.
An example from Gutenberg's Best Practices

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