Weekly News for Designers № 665

Game design colors – The process behind building a compelling game.
Example from The colors game design

Everything You Need to Know About Deceptive Design – A look at how to spot and avoid deceptive practices in your own work.
Example from Everything You Need to Know About Evolutionary Design

Fluid Typography Easy To clamp() Using Sass Functions – Learn how to use this handy CSS tool to type scalars.
Example from Easy Fluid Typing With clamp() Using Sass Functions

25 More Top Free Creative Templates – Make your presentations memorable by using one of these outstanding templates.
Example from 25 Other Free Prime Templates for Creatives

On-Scroll Animation and Change View – This tutorial shows some fun on-scroll animation effects.
Example from On-Scroll Animation and View Switch

State of CSS – Take the annual developer survey about the latest trends in CSS.
Example from the CSS State

Mechanical Interface KIT 1.0 – Get this free UI kit of desktop interfaces for use with Figma.
Example from Mechanical Interface KIT 1.0

Reasons to Say “No” to a Web Design Project – Situations when projects may not be the best fit for you.
Example from Reasons to Say

Adding Fluid Typography Support to WordPress Block Themes – Check out the new fluid type feature coming in WordPress 6.1.
Example from Adding Fluid Typography Support to WordPress Block Themes

Fallback Font Generator – This tool will help you avoid that pesky cumulative layout transition (CLS) in your layout.
Example from Fallback Font Generator

Why Classic WordPress Themes Aren’t Going Away – Block themes may be the future, but the old standby is still very much alive.
An example from Why Classic WordPress Themes Aren't Going Away

Developer’s Home & Python Resources – This bundle contains over 300 free Python resources for developers.
Example from The Home Developer + Python Resources

Buttons and Cursors – Some ideas for implementing the most user-friendly UI for buttons.
Example from Buttons and Cursors

WordPress.org Plugin Developers Demand Transparency About Active Install Growth Data – Key metrics have been pulled and developers haven’t been told why.
Example from WordPress.org Plugin Developers Demand Transparency About Active Install Growth Data Removal

Filtering Out Information Overload Through Design – Tips to filter out the noise and focus on the good stuff.
An Example from Filtering Information Overload By Design

Mobile UX Design in 2022 – Presenting your data beautifully is what makes for the best user experience.
An example from Mobile UX Design in 2022

Learn Accessibility – An evergreen accessibility course and reference to improve your web development.
Example from Learn Accessibility

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