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8 Free Templates to Create Memorable Openings in After Effects – Grab your audience’s attention with one of these amazing opening templates.
Example from 8 Free Templates for Creating Memorable Openers in After Effects

Combining Keyboard-only and Click-based UI Tests with a keyboard test library – This tutorial will show you how to test keyboard navigation compatibility.
Example of Combining Keyboard-only and Click-based UI Testing with a keyboard test library

Finer Control CSS Transitions with Single Transform Properties – A deep dive into using the translate, rotateand scale property.
An example from the finer control of CSS varies with individual transform properties

A handy use for Cascading Layers – An example of how CSS cascading layers can help increase specificity when creating styles.
Example of Manual Use for Cascading Layers

Using Named Grid Areas to Visualize (and Reference) Your Layout – Learn how to name and reference grid areas when you’re positioning.
Example from Using Grid Named Fields to Visualize (and Reference) Your Layout

Custom SVG Cursor with Interactive Emitting Effect – Discover some amazing cursor effects built with SVG and JavaScript.
Example of Custom SVG Cursors with Interactive Output Effect

Like It or Not, Being a Freelancer is About Making Decisions – A sampling of important decisions and advice for making the right choices.
Example from Like It or Not, Being a Free Decision Maker

What Was That Inquiry Code In The Media Again? – This reference guide shows common CSS media query codes.
Example from What was that media question code again?

pppalette – Select a primary color and this tool will generate a complementary palette.
Example from pppalette

Use the Correct Container Request Syntax – An updated look at the syntax supported by browsers.
Example Using the Right Container Request Syntax

Understanding Your Value as a Freelancer – The perils of pricing and some things you can do to ensure you don’t undersell your hard work.
An example from Understanding Your Worth as a Citizen

CopySymbol – Looking for a symbol? This search engine will accommodate icon, keyboard shortcut, and CSS content code for copying and pasting.
Example from CopySymbol

Heroicons 2.0 – Download these hand-made SVG icons from the makers of Tailwind CSS.
Example from Heroicons

UI & UX Tips: The Best of 2022 – 12 of the most popular UI & UX Tips from 2022 so far.
Example from UI & UX Microtips: Best of 2022

Conducting an Effective Website UX Audit – Use this checklist to ensure your users have a five-star experience.
An Example from Doing an Effective UX Audit on a Website

Tips for Migrating Your Website to WordPress – Migrating your website to WordPress from another CMS can be challenging. But there are ways to make the process easier.
Example from Tips for Migrating Your Website to WordPress

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