Weekly News for Designers № 655

UX/UI Tips: Guide to search inputs – Key principles for creating best-in-class search input boxes.
Example from UX/UI tips: Guide to search inputs

Font Subsetting Strategies: Content-Based vs. Alphabetical – Learn how subsetting fonts can help increase performance and reduce waste.
An Example from Font Subset Strategies: Subject Based vs. Alphabetical

Recreating the MDN Clipped Text Effect – Discover the CSS behind this unique text presentation.
Example from MDN's Recreating Truncated Text Effect

<article> vs. <section>: How to Choose the Right One – This guide will help ensure you’re using these two semantic HTML tags correctly.
Sampla ó <alt data-lazy-src=

WebGi Camera Landing Page – Template for building scrollable landing pages using popular frameworks.
Example from WebGi Camera Landing Page

Hello – Try the beta version of this search engine aimed at developers.
An example from Hello

Tailwind Manage Landing Page – Start your landing page project right with this beautiful template.
Example from Tailwind Manage Landing Page

8 CSS Elements to Style HTML Checkboxes & Radio Buttons – Examples of enhanced inputs that go beyond the ordinary.
Example from 8 CSS Styles for Styling HTML Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

Good resetting – Why effective CSS resetting could be the key to more widespread use of native HTML elements.
An example from a good Reset

Social Media Framework – Download this Figma framework for free (or pay what you want) to create beautiful social media images.
An example from the Social Media Framework

Creating Accessible Image Carousels – Learn how to create a progressively enhanced image carousel that doesn’t hinder accessibility.
Example from Creating Accessible Image Roundabouts

tables – Explore this open source dashboard template with responsive and high quality UI.
Example from the table

SaaS Blocks – A collection of ready-to-use building blocks and APIs for SaaS applications.
An example from SaaS Blocks

WordPress Product Founders on What They Would Do Differently – Theme and plugin developers share their thoughts on changes within the WordPress ecosystem.
An Example from WordPress Product Founders on What They Would Do Differently

WebP by Default Merge Into Core for WordPress 6.1 – The next version of WordPress will convert JPEG uploads to WebP format more efficiently.
Example from WebP by default Merge Into Core for WordPress 6.1

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