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Modern Fluid Typography Editor: Use this tool to create the perfect fluid typography system.
Example from the modern fluid typography editor

Tailwind CSS v3.0 – Learn all about the latest version of the popular CSS framework.
Example from Tailwind CSS v3.0

How Designers Can Market To The Clients Who Best Fit Their Niche – Tips on how good designers can market to exactly the type of clients that best suit their services.
Example of how designers can market themselves to clients who best fit their niche

Tailwind CSS Cheat Sheet – This resource allows you to search for all the class names and CSS properties that Tailwind CSS has to offer.
Example from Tailwind CSS Cheat Sheet

Coloring with code: a programmatic approach to design: create beautiful color palettes with your favorite text editor.
Example taken from coloring with code: a programmatic approach to design

Font Knowledge: Immerse yourself in the world of typography with this set of guides from Google.
Example from the knowledge of characters

The Grumpy Designer 2022 preview: the boldest satirical predictions for Google, Meta, WordPress and more.
Example from The Grumpy Designer 2022 preview

The 2021 Web Almanac – Annual report combines raw statistics and trends from the HTTP archive with the experience of the web community.
Example taken from The 2021 Web Almanac

7 free plugins to add structured data to your WordPress website – improve your site’s SEO and provide useful structured data with these free plugins.Example from 7 free plugins for adding structured data to your WordPress website

Mobile UI – Use this library to place all kinds of floating elements with full control.
Example from the mobile user interface

8 Outstanding Snippets of Micro-Interaction CSS and JavaScript for Ecommerce – Intuitive examples that add something extra to the online shopping experience.
Exceptional microinteraction 8 snippet CSS and JavaScript snippet example for ecommerce

Free Charting Icon Set – Download this free set of 80+ icons with 4 popular categories. Available in PNG and SVG formats.
Example from Free Charts Icon Set

Defensive CSS – Techniques for creating CSS without problems.
Defensive CSS example

20 Wonderfully Flawed Free Brush Fonts For Designers – A collection of rustic-style fonts that blend seamlessly with modern design.
Sample of 20 wonderfully imperfect free brush fonts for designers

ScreenREC – A handy screen recording app that works from your browser.
Example from ScreenREC

State of APIs: Some insights into API trends for 2021.
Example from API status

Flip, Flip, and Flip – This tutorial will show you how to use various transformations for SVG path commands.
Example from Flip, Flip and Flip

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