We were named winners of the 2022 Best of Ohio award by UpCity!

The UpCity “Best of” awards are back

The UpCity “Best of” Awards are back after a successful inaugural year in 2021.

To commemorate the top 50 B2B vendors in every U.S. state and Canadian province, the UpCity “Best of” award highlights the tremendous work our partners do and more in their local area.

Awards are given based on the UpCity Recommendability Rating, which was developed to determine the credibility and trustworthiness of a B2B service provider, giving UpCity the confidence to recommend them to prospective buyers seeking their services.

LocalBizGuru – Best of Ohio 2022 Winner

We are proud to reveal that LocalBizGuru has been recognized as a Best of Ohio Award winner by UpCity!

UpCity is a B2B online marketplace that connects businesses to trusted service providers.

With over 70,000 suppliers listed, from digital marketing agencies, consultancies, development specialists and many more, over 1.5 million businesses have used UpCity to find exceptional partners for their needs.

UpCity’s proprietary algorithm draws on digital data points such as reviews (both on UpCity and other third-party review sites), rankings in relevant search results, domain authority, website speed, and user experience to connect businesses with high quality service providers like us.

Dan Olson, CEO of UpCity, had this to say on LocalBizGuru:

“With their mission to help small businesses grow and enhance the prosperity of their local communities, the team at LocalBizGuru – they are everything we love about UpCity Best of Awards winners – are dedicated, ambitious and extremely knowledgeable. Congratulations to the whole team!”

—Dan Olson, CEO, UpCity

This award was made possible by our great customers

This honor was possible, in part, thanks to our 5-star rating on UpCity. Here is some of our favorite feedback we have received from our excellent customers:

“LocalBizGuru really takes his time to learn about what the prospect wants and needs, and with his expertise and experience, enables that client to reach the next level of audience awareness which adds to profits and image of the company. Great people to work with!”

— Jill Katzenberg

Thank you

Thanks to UpCity for naming us a 2022 Best of Award winner.
We also highly value our clients, who recognize that we empower their success and growth through our team’s knowledge, transparency and ability to deliver results. Their support and loyalty definitely helped us earn this Best of Ohio award this year.

To experience our award-winning digital marketing services firsthand, contact us or give us a call and schedule a free consultation today!

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