The entrepreneur’s guide on what web design is

Web design is a term that many people are familiar with, but many of these people don’t actually have a strong understanding of what web design really entails. Having a good understanding of what to expect from web design can be invaluable to your business because it allows you to be more informed when hiring a web designer or working with your current web designer on projects.

Read on for our quick guide on what is web design.

What is web design?

Web design and web development are phrases that are often used interchangeably. As a result, many people may not know the difference or even be aware that there is one. Although web design and web development usually overlap, they are actually two distinctly different things. To put it simply, web development primarily refers to how a website works. This includes things like coding, databases, and servers. Web design, on the other hand, refers to how the website looks.

Web designers are responsible for things like selecting fonts and color schemes and making sure your website is attractive and easy to navigate. If you have a visual mockup of how you want something to appear on your website, a web designer would be the right person to bring that vision to life.

The basic elements of web design

There are a lot of things that go into web design. Below are some of the generally accepted elements as a basis.


Regardless of the type of website you own, it is important that people are able to navigate easily. If people have to spend too much time searching for what they’re looking for, chances are they’ll leave your website and go to one of your competitors. Consequently, it’s important to make sure your website has a clear, easy-to-use, and properly labeled menu structure. Not only is it useful for the overall organization of your website, but it can help simplify your visitors’ experiences.

Mobile friendly

Nearly 50% of people now use their mobile devices to browse the Internet. This number has been steadily increasing in recent years, and research predicts it will continue to do so. One of the most important aspects of modern web design is ensuring that websites are able to function properly on mobile phones and tablets.


“Content is king” is a phrase that has been circulating on the Internet for several years, and this is because content is the most important element of any website. From text to images and videos, content comes in a variety of forms and web design aims to ensure that each looks its best.


The best websites provide an intuitive user experience for visitors and this is one of the greatest pieces of web design. Great designers are able to make sure websites are easy to use and provide the best experience.

Blank space

While it can be tempting to make sure every part of your website has an image or a piece of text, white space is essential. White space helps guide visitors from one section of your website to the next. Without it, your website could be overwhelming for many people.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become increasingly important over the years. SEO is what allows your website to be found via search engines, and in many cases, it can be essential to the success of your business. When your website is properly optimized for search engines, you can see a significant increase in your organic traffic. The best thing about SEO is that people who find your website through search engines are already interested in what you have to offer, which makes them more likely to buy when you sell. Good web designers will build websites with this in mind.

Combination of colors

It’s no secret that different colors can evoke different feelings, so colors on your website are something you should be very intentional about. Web designers will be well versed in what colors will look best and what they will represent.


As mentioned above, fonts are an important part of web design. Fonts convey what your brand is about both literally and figuratively. Fonts should be easy to read and visually appealing.

How much does web design cost?

How much does web design cost?

The cost of web design varies based on many factors, mainly the designer’s level of experience, the type of website you need, and the size of the website. However, many web designers start at around $ 75 per hour. You can typically expect to spend at least $ 1,000 on a website, but large, complex websites can cost as little as $ 10,000.

An investment in web design is an investment in your future

An investment in web design is an investment in your future

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