The Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins Compared

Do you want to offer your website content in more than one language and reach a wider customer base including international customers? 

The best way to offer a personalized and localized customer experience is through users’ native language. You can reach audiences in languages they speak even if you do not know a single word of their language. 

WordPress Multilingual MultisiteWordPress Multilingual Multisite

The benefits of having a multilingual website are many:

  • high user satisfaction rates
  • increased customer loyalty 
  • high customer retention rates
  • worldwide customer base 
  • increased traffic 
  • increased sales and profits

But WordPress does not come with built-in multilingual support. This is where multilingual plugins come in; to help you translate your website into any language.

In this post we’ll look at two WordPress multilingual plugins that have very high sales on CodeCanyon. 

Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins

We’ll start with the WordPress Multilingual Multisite plugin which is made specifically for WordPress Multisites.

A Brief Look At WordPress Multisite

Let’s say your website is in English. Let’s call it your master website. And you want to reach out to customers of different languages in different countries. You will have to translate the master website so that customers visiting  from other countries can read content in their native languages. 

Once the file has been translated into a particular language, it needs to be hosted on a website where speakers of that language can read it. So imagine one hundred languages, one hundred websites. WordPress multisite works perfectly here.

Why? You will have to create and manage a network of websites for each language and country. Customers of each language and country are redirected to these country and language-based subsites within the multisite network. 

WordPress Multisite will let you manage this network of websites from a single WordPress admin panel and easily copy and translate content between them. It allows you to create and manage a network of multiple language websites from the same WordPress dashboard. 

The two articles below will explain WordPress Multisite explain in detail and will instruct you how to set up your multisite website:

  • WordPress

    What Is WordPress Multisite? With Setup Guide

    Rachel McCollin

  • WordPress

    WordPress Multisite Hosting: What Is It?

    Rachel McCollin

WordPress Multilingual MultisiteWordPress Multilingual MultisiteWordPress Multilingual Multisite

From one masterfile written in your main language, in this case English, you can translate your content into hundreds of languages. You will need a plugin to do that. 

This is where WordPress Multilingual Multisite comes in: to remove the headaches of translating your WordPress website. This easy-to-use plugin is based on WordPress core multisite making it really fast. It is perfect for your high-performing multisite website. 

WordPress Multilingual Multisite has a lot of functional features. Let’s have a look! 

Unlimited Languages and Countries

The plugin allows you to translate your content into hundreds of languages and visitors just need to select their country and read content in their language. 

Automatic Translation

You don’t need to do the translation manually. To help you translate your content smoothly, the plugin uses automatic or machine translation services like Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, or DeepL. The plugin saves all machine translation files in the database of the subsite so you don’t have to translate the same page again and again. 

Automatic Language Redirection

The plugin has a built-in automatic redirect functionality to redirect users to their correct language. You can enable this in the plugin settings. 

Assign Translators

Here is where you manage the translators for your website. When you want your posts translated into particular languages, you can create new translators, assign them roles, and assign them posts to be translated. Submitted translations appears as pending so you can review them before publishing. 

Synchronize Data

There is no need to manually synchronize data. The plugin has built-in functionality to syncronize connected posts including custom posts types, custom post meta fields, terms and more. It can also create posts.

Copy Posts

With a single click you can copy posts or terms from one language to another. You can also copy posts from one site to another. The copied costs are automatically assigned as translation items to source post. 

Copy Blog

There is a built-in functionality for copy a whole blogfor example the English version of the blogincluding content and images, then automatically connecting all posts from the source to the destination blog.

Export Import 

For posts that are to be translated externally, you can import them or export via JSON. 

One Media Library

Media for all your network can be stored in one database so that all you need to do is enable syncing in order to upload files to subsites instead of individually for each site. 

WooCommerce Integration

The plugin fully supports WooCommerce. It allows you to translate products, product categories, attributes terms and so much more. You can also set different payment options on you subsites.

Finally, this easy-to-use plugin comes with very detailed documentation. 

How to Use the WordPress Multilingual Multisite Plugin


Download WordPress Multilingual Multisite plugin from CodeCanyon. Activate it on your WordPress admin in order to use it. When set up correctly you will see a new menu called Translation inside your multisite network.

This plugin is for WordPress Multisite networks so If you don’t see Translation then it’s possible you don’t have a multisite WordPress installation. 

Installation and General SettingsInstallation and General SettingsInstallation and General Settings

In the general settings you can:

  • enable or disable the plugin
  • set up site language and country
  • exclude sites that you don’t want to appear in the country selector 

Country Selector

Use this setting to specify how country and dropdown list should appear in your menu.

There are also shortcodes you can use to embed the country selector anywhere else on your site.

WordPress Multilingual MultisiteWordPress Multilingual MultisiteWordPress Multilingual Multisite 

Master and Redirect

Set up your master site which is the main URL—for example,

Then specify your subsites which are language-specific. Eg.


Whenever you make changes on your master site then can then spread them to your subsites.

Master and RedirectsMaster and RedirectsMaster and Redirects

Machine Translation

With translation services like Google, DeepL or Microsoftyou can automatically translate posts individually or in bulk. But you can’t do that without API keys.

You can enter your API keys in this settings pane. You can also configure the post, term data and meta keys you want to translate automatically.

Machine Translation 1Machine Translation 1Machine Translation 1
WordPress Multilingual Multisie - Machine Translation 2WordPress Multilingual Multisie - Machine Translation 2WordPress Multilingual Multisie - Machine Translation 2


Enable this feature and have one media database for all your subsites.

WordPress Multilingual Multisite - Media WordPress Multilingual Multisite - Media WordPress Multilingual Multisite - Media

Copy Post and Terms

Copying is simple. Click on a flag in the admin panel where there is a plus icon, the plugin then copies posts, terms and data. 

WordPress Multilingual Multisite - Copy Post WordPress Multilingual Multisite - Copy Post WordPress Multilingual Multisite - Copy Post

Post Import/Export 

Working with external translators is easy. Export data as JSON or XML and reimport is back after it’s translated. In short, import and export translations on this page.

WordPress Multilingual Multisite - Post Import Export WordPress Multilingual Multisite - Post Import Export WordPress Multilingual Multisite - Post Import Export

Syncronize Data

Enabling this features allows you to update post data across all multisites. Enabling page sync allows data update on all subsites. You can set it to update only from master site. You can also use this feature to update WooCommerce products, posts and more. 

WordPress Multilingual Multisite - Syncronize DataWordPress Multilingual Multisite - Syncronize DataWordPress Multilingual Multisite - Syncronize Data

Translator User Role

If you want to assign translations for specific posts, you’ll have to create translator user role. The translator will be notified by email there a post to be translated. When they translation is finished, status is set to revision so the admin can check if all is good before publishing. 

WordPress Multilingual Multisite - Translator User RoleWordPress Multilingual Multisite - Translator User RoleWordPress Multilingual Multisite - Translator User Role

User Sync

This setting synchronizes new users across the multisites. 

WordPress Multilingual Multisite - User SyncWordPress Multilingual Multisite - User SyncWordPress Multilingual Multisite - User Sync


Ajax Translator Revolution WordPress PluginAjax Translator Revolution WordPress PluginAjax Translator Revolution WordPress Plugin

As far as translator plugins go, Ajax Translator Revolution WordPress Plugin is hands down one of the best in the market.

Not only is it affordable, but it’s also easy to install, very simple to use, and it has a whopping eighty-seven customization settings. 

Some of the main features of this awesome WordPress translation plugin include:

Over One Hundred Languages

The supports more than one hundred languages so you have the possibility of reaching audiences on all continents. 

The translation interface is located at the top of the website but you can position it wherever you want on your website. 

You can show languages in these formats:

  • flags and names
  • names 
  • flags

Easy to Install and Setup

Since your website content comes from different sources, you can translate any content you want including: 

  • pages, posts, categories, and tags
  • carousels, galleries, sliders, and portfolios
  • themes and plugins
  • popups, tables, and forms

Select or Exclude What to Translate

You can select what to translate or even exclude parts of the webpage .

Edit Translation

If you are not satisfied by how some phrases sound you can edit the translations and give them an even more localized flavor.

Tutorial on the Ajax Translator Revolution Plugin

If you want to know how to use this plugin to translate your website then you’re in luck.

With this step-by-step tutorial, you can use the Ajax Translator Revolution plugin to automatically turn your website into a multilingual website:

  • WordPress

    Automatically Create a Multilingual WordPress Site With a Translator Plugin

    Esther Vaati

And finally you can checkout this

Live Ajax Translator Demo

Free WordPress Multilingual Plugins

WooCommerce Multilingual

WooCommerce Multilingual – run WooCommerce with WPMLWooCommerce Multilingual – run WooCommerce with WPMLWooCommerce Multilingual – run WooCommerce with WPML

This plugin glues together WooCommerce and WPML so you can run a fully multilingual ecommerce website. You can translate all WooCommerce products, categories, attributes. It keeps the same language during checkout, sends clients and admin emails in their languages and more. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce extensions like WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping, and more. 

BuddyPress Multilingual

This plugin is the glue that makes it easy to build multilingual BuddyPress and BuddyBoss websites with WPML. Perfect for WordPress multisite or single site. Guest blogs select their own language and also create multilingual content. Each guest chooses their own admin language.


The best user experience you can offer is making your website available in many languages. I hope the WordPress multilingual plugins covered in this article will help you reach out to customers from other parts of the world. 

On Envato Tuts+ you will find many tutorials to help you build a multilingual website. Here are some we’ve selected for you:

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