The 15 Best Free Monospaced Fonts for Coding & Programming

Maybe you don’t give much thought to the font you currently use to code. You’re probably happy with the default monospaced font that comes with your favorite IDE, and over time, you’ve gotten used to it.

These fonts might be the best for you, but are they really good for general coding? I won’t tell you which font is good (currently, I’m using Ubuntu Mono Regular) or bad, because there’s no way to measure it categorically. It comes down to each coder’s preference. But there are some fonts available for free that are completely designed with programmers and coders in mind, you might want to consider.

With this post, I just wanted to highlight some of the best free monospace fonts optimized for programming and also offer some basic tips for choosing a particular font.

So what should you be looking for in a good monospaced programming font? First, it must be clear and highly legible, proportionally spaced, and for obvious reasons, it must be packaged with an expanded character set with recognizable glyphs. And perhaps more important than readability, the ‘1’, ‘i’ & ‘l’ and ‘o’, ‘0’ & ‘O’ must be clearly recognizable as different characters.

Anonymous Pro by Mark Simonson (Italic Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold)

Bergen Mono program code fonts

Free inconsolata program code fonts,

Alma Mona by Envato Elements

Alma Mono program code fonts

hermit by Pablo Caro (Light, Medium & Heavy)

Free programming code fonts Hermit Light Medium Bold

Arkibal Mono programming code fonts

Friday by Eric Hamiter

Free edlo program code fonts,

Meslo by André Berg (LG Small, LG Medium & LG Large)

Free Meslo programming code fonts,

Vera Sans Mona by Bitstream (Roman, Oblique, Bold & Bold Oblique)

Free programming code fonts Vera Sans Mono Roman Oblique Bold

Fira Mona by Mozilla (regular & Bold)

Free programming code fonts Fira Mono Regular Bold

PT Mono by Alexandra Korolkova (regular & bold)

Free programming code fonts PT Mono Regular Bold

Code Envy by Damien Guard (Regular, Italic & Bold)

Free programming code fonts Code Envy Regular Italic Bold

Free Ubuntu Mono programming code fonts

Free Liberation Mono programming code fonts

Amazing Sans Mona by Jany Belluz (Regular, Italian & Bold)

Fantasque Sans Mono Free programming code fonts italic regular Bold

Free programming code fonts Droid Sans Mono

Free programming code fonts Consolas Mono

Free Drucifer Monospace programming code fonts

BPmono by Backpacker (Regular, Italic & Bold)

Free programming code fonts BPmono Italic Regular Bold

Deja Vu (regular oblique, oblique, heavy & heavy)

DejaVu Free programming code fonts Oblique Bold

Monaco by Susan Kare and Kris Holmes for OS X

Monaco apple mac OSX fonts programming code free

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