Tasks that freelance web designers should consider outsourcing

Among the biggest challenges faced by freelance web designers is the large number of responsibilities involved. It goes far beyond design and development. There is marketing, accounting, customer relations, technical support, and continuing education. For some, the list may be even longer.

During busy times, it can feel like you have to be everywhere at the same time. Not only is it stressful, but it can also take attention away from your projects (you know, the things that Like it to do). With that, the results may not be up to your usual standard.

The first step in improving the situation is to recognize the problem. Even if all these responsibilities come from the territory, that doesn’t mean you have to accept the fight.

Finding relief sometimes means giving up control. The realization that, no, you don’t have to do it all by yourself, can be liberating.

While everyone has different strengths, there are a variety of tasks you may want to pass on to someone else. Today we will look at some of the most common ones to remove from the already full plate.

Aspects of a project that you cannot carry out efficiently

Web design projects tend to be multifaceted. There is the look and layout, to match the functionality of a site. Beyond that, you might be looking at complementary elements like SEO and performance optimization.

Chances are there may be one or more areas of a project that don’t play into your strengths. For example, you might be a CSS whiz but have a hard time building certain features from scratch.

Or, there may be a lot of “busy” work, like putting content into a CMS. It may not be difficult, but it further emphasizes your tight schedule.

These are great opportunities to outsource some business to another web professional in your network. If they can do it more efficiently and economically, it makes sense to pass the job on to them. This allows you to focus on what you do best and produce the ideal result.

However, this is something you will want to plan ahead. That way, you can adjust for any additional costs resulting from having someone else involved.

Taxes and related financial charges

Tax laws around the world vary a lot. But their common feature is their complexity. This is especially true of freelancers or other small business arrangements. They are often a category that is underestimated in terms of clear policy.

Therefore, it’s easy to get mired in a tangle of arcane rules and meaningless paperwork. And, even if you understand the basics, there are many small details that could make a huge difference in the outcome. If you lose one, it could cost you money (or worse).

Why keep wasting time? Tax professionals and financial advisors are there to navigate these turbulent waters for you. A good one will provide you with useful information and will file your taxes to the letter of the law.

If you don’t like keeping records, they might even handle it for you. Alternatively, they can set you up with software that simplifies the task.

For many of us, finance is an area that is far outside our remit. When this is the case, it is best to delegate the responsibility to someone more qualified.

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Things that can be effectively automated

Now, on the term “outsource”. Traditionally it meant hiring one or more humans to do a job. But in web design, nowadays we don’t just limit ourselves to human help.

There are many activities that can be partially, if not fully, automated. Things like browser, device, and performance tests come to mind. Software updates might also run on an automated schedule.

If done manually, each of these elements can potentially consume a lot of your precious time. The ability to automate them can lead to significant savings.

Automation is usually handled through a third party service provider. You pay a fee in exchange for getting a piece of your life back. However, you may find some free and open source scripts that also offer this functionality.

Either way, these tools do most of the dirty work for you. From there, you can view the results and address any issues as needed.

Computer components.

Save your time and your sanity

Every freelancer faces tasks that make running a business more difficult. They may be far beyond our purview or just take up business. Regardless, they take our attention away from more important things.

While the above items are common examples, they are by no means a complete list. Since many of us have a specific niche, some tasks will prove more of a hindrance than others.

For example, you could be great at logo design and take up the challenge. Others may want to run away from the computer by screaming. If so, being able to pass that job on to someone else can be a great solution.

But before you go ahead and start outsourcing businesses, think a little. Which ones will save you time and make your workflow more efficient? Equally important, consider activities that cause you an excessive amount of stress. Outsourcing can also benefit your mental health.

There is so much work to be done to become a freelance web designer. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

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