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The best responsive WordPress SEO theme, guaranteed!

Stallion Responsive Theme version 8.4: added over 70 new color schemes!

Stallion Responsive is not just a WordPress Theme that’s SEO friendly, it’s an entire WordPress SEO package of built-in plugins and SEO features taking WordPress to the next level in Post Panda SEO and Google performance metrics with advanced SEO measures to help take full advantage of the Google Hummingbird algorithm.

Hummingbird is the Google search algorithm that understands human natural language patterns better than ever before: long tail keyword SERPs with a human touch and Stallion Responsive v8 includes multiple features to take advantage of Google: no other WordPress theme or SEO plugin has these Hummingbird features.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package

Tested to WordPress Version 4.8.*. Note: It’s tested every day on dozens of my WordPress sites including this one, if a WordPress automatic update breaks the theme it would take most of my network out including this website. The fact you are reading this means Stallion Responsive is working in the latest version of WordPress.

A couple of examples of natural language or conversational searches would be:

What is the Stallion Responsive Theme WordPress SEO Package?

How can Stallion Responsive SEO help my business?

Question like search phrases using natural language and Google has improved it’s algorithm (called Hummingbird) and the Stallion Responsive keyword phrases (one of many WP SEO package features) can be used to target these types of natural language SERPs. It’s a cool SEO feature which took months to code and takes just as long to implement on a large website (2018+ Google SEO is not easy).

No other WordPress Theme offers this level of SEO features and options in one easy to use WordPress package.

This website is devoted to describing what has taken yours truly (David Law AKA: SEO Dave) over 10 years to develop to Stallion Responsive version 8.

Want to jump right in, download the full Stallion Responsive Theme V8.4 Zip file (that’s the main SEO package) and the full Stallion Responsive Child Theme V8.4 Zip file (includes thousands of header and banner images) and test in Demo mode: in Demo mode all options are available, but the options reset to defaults roughly every 500 pageviews.

Best Way to Install Stallion Responsive Many WordPress users are not familiar with WordPress Child themes, child themes add the ability to include extra features to a main parent theme allowing you to gain even more flexibility over WordPress. The Stallion Responsive SEO package relies heavily on a child theme (it’s free), it contains hundreds of images you can use as thumbnails, headers and banners within your WordPress powered website.

First we install the Stallion Responsive Theme Under your WordPress Dashboard go to “Appearance >> Themes” : “Add New” – “Upload” : Select the “” file from your computer and install.

Do NOT activate Stallion Responsive yet.

Next we install the Stallion Responsive Child Theme Under “Appearance >> Themes” : “Add New” – “Upload” : Select the “” file from your computer and install.

Activate the Stallion Responsive Child Theme

By installing and activating the free child theme you gain access to hundreds of free header images, banner images and thumbnails.

Stallion is built on multiple options pages giving you full control over almost every aspect of a site. This does mean there’s a learning curve to get the most out of Stallion, but if you want the best you can’t expect it to be a simple install and everything works exactly how YOU want it.

That being said there are sensible SEO and performance defaults that with a few clicks of the mouse produces a site not unlike the one you are on now (this site runs under Stallion Responsive). On the main Stallion Options page there are instructions how to quickly setup a site for best SEO and performance: it’s literally two clicks of the mouse away.

Choose from 12 layouts, 112 color schemes (new schemes are easy to create, there’s a built in feature for creating them), hundreds of header, banner and thumbnail images, featured slider, accordion navigation menu, social media options (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pintrest, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Reddit etc…), Google analytics integration, performance metrics, advanced SEO settings and so much more.

Literally hundreds of theme options giving you full control over how your WordPress powered site looks and behaves including AdSense Responsive Beta Ad Unit code that has a better performance metric (loads faster) than what Google AdSense supplies by default!

This website is devoted to exploring the SEO capabilities of the Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Package, below are some of the Stallion tutorials. Many of the package features are described within this websites posts, for example the extensive WordPress SEO Tutorial references Stallion Responsive a LOT.

Stallion Responsive has been created with both responsiveness to mobile devices and Google’s new performance metrics (the new post Panda SEO) in mind. Run this site through the Free Google Pagespeed Insights Tool. Now run your site or any other site running a WordPress SEO Theme through the tool and compare, below are screenshots for this websites home page.

Stallion Responsive Pagespeed Insights Mobile Results 92/100

Stallion Responsive Pagespeed Insights Desktop Results 98/100

The results will vary based on how good the connection is from Google Pagespeed Insights Tool and the webserver (this site runs on a cheap Godaddy Virtualserver with just 2GB of memory). Also Google is making changes to their Pagespeed metrics on a monthly basis (it’s a new Google metric), what is good today might be an issue 3 months from now.

Child theme install error

Installing to a local WordPress installation.

Parent theme installed without any errors.

Child theme installation error: Warning: POST Content-Length of 18082005 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0

PHP Error: Warning: POST Content-Length of bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0

That’s not a WordPress child theme issue per se, it’s not even a WordPress issue per se it’s a PHP error warning due to a PHP setting being set a bit low.

What’s happening is your post_max_size (max upload size of a file) is being tripped because the Stallion child theme zip file is bigger than the setting.

8388608 bytes or 8MBs (which is the max size mentioned in the error) is smaller than the child theme zip (about 18MBs due to all the free header images etc…).

Search for this in Google and you’ll find lots of info about it:

Warning: POST Content-Length of bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0

All I did was remove the number 8388608 from the error message since the number will be different for others with this error.

Check under Dashboard: “Media” > “Add New” and I bet the “Maximum upload file size:” is 8MB. 8MBs is a bit low, most servers start very low and though the Stallion parent theme is below 2MBs the child theme is significantly bigger, hence the error message.

Simple solution is unzip the child theme and manually move it into the relevant folder under your local install. To change the server setting the solution will be something like edit your php.ini file.

Find post_max_size=8M (might be another number) Change to post_max_size=32M

Find upload_max_filesize=2M (might be another number) Change to upload_max_filesize=32M

Every time I install a localhost server (any server) I make this change.

32MB should be more than enough for anything you might do in a localhost install, I wouldn’t set it this high in a live server though. I usually go for 16MBs for a liver server and manually upload the unzipped child theme using FTP.

Check under Dashboard: “Media” > “Add New” again and the number will change to whatever you set if you got it right.

PHP Error: Warning: POST Content-Length of bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0

Hi Dave! How to insert page lavel ad code of Adsense to Stallion responsive?

Responsive view not working on mobile after WP update

I’m running Stallion version 8.2.2 along with Stallion Child Theme 8.0 (I know, I should be updated to the latest Stallion version – 8.4 I believe? – but hadn’t gotten around to it).

I recently updated to WordPress 4.7.5, and now the responsive view is not working on mobile (it shows the desktop view).

I there something obvious I may be missing as to why I’m not getting the responsive view? It’s been a while since I’ve dug around in it so I’m a bit rusty.

Or are you aware of any changes between versions already, and is there anything I can simply change in the code to resolve it?

Thanks for any ideas you might have.

Responsive view not working on mobile after WP update

My cache plugin was causing the responsive view error

I left a comment earlier today about the desktop version displaying on mobile screens (rather than the responsive version) after I upgraded to the latest edition of WordPress (that comment might still be in moderation).

I dug a little deeper and it looks like it’s being caused by the caching plugin I’m using (WP Rocket).

The problem appears when I have mobile caching enabled (with the previous version of WordPress I was using, this was not an issue). If I switch mobile caching off in WP Rocket, it serves the correct mobile version on mobile screens.

So it sounds like there is something funky with how WP-Rocket is interacting with the latest edition of WordPress.

If you have any ideas that come to mind of what might be going on, I’m all ears, but otherwise I’ll check further with the cache plugin guys.

Either way, I guess it’s a good lesson for those using cache plugins who might have this issue, to try not only clearing the cache, but also deactivating the plugin altogether (or checking how the mobile cache settings are set up and at least deactivating the individual mobile-related setting(s) to see if that is the problem).

Anyway it’s been a little while, but I hope all is going well on your end!

And thanks again for the work you continue to put into this theme and its updates, it’s been 6+ years that I’ve been using it now and still happy with how my site(s) run on it.

My cache plugin was causing the responsive view error

WP Rocket Caching Plugin : Enable Caching for Mobile Devices

Hey Eric, hope things are going well.

I’m not familiar with the WP Rocket Caching Plugin (premium product) mainly as I use W3 Total Cache.

I can’t think of anything obvious that would cause an issue, all the Stallion Responsive mobile responsive features are CSS based (standard stuff). The view port is set in the head of the HTML code and the basic CSS for desktop output and additional mobile responsive CSS (in the mobile.css file) for anything below 800px wide (there’s around a dozen device sizes set in the mobile.css file).

I don’t know how the WP Rocket plugin works, as long as it can handle multiple theme CSS files** it shouldn’t cause issues.

** Stallion Responsive doesn’t use the standard single style.css file, it has one CSS file for the layout CSS, one for the fonts, one for the color CSS and one for mobile CSS rules. This allows selecting from 12 layout CSS files, 26 font CSS files, 110 color CSS files and the one mobile CSS file allowing for over 35,000 combinations (more if the user creates their own custom CSS files). The idea is to combine all the selected ones into one CSS file using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache. BTW I think you’ll be missing many of the color schemes in the version of Stallion Responsive you are using (well worth an update :-)).

I don’t have enough information to be sure, but I think the options:

Enable caching for mobile devices : tick Create a caching file for mobile visitors : don’t tick

Should work, but without testing I can’t be sure.

Let me know if you’ve tried that setup.

I use W3 Total Cache and there’s options that don’t work well, because Stallion Responsive can serve a different set of CSS files on a Post by Post basis (every post can use a different layout/font/color combination, ~35,000 in total) W3 Total Cache should cache a different combined CSS file for any Post that has a different combination. I’ve found in the latest versions of W3 Total Cache the cached CSS file is using a messed up GZIPPED version of the CSS file if a particular W3 Total Cache option is set AND I use the CDN option (no idea why, had to turn the CDN option off). Caching is a complicated subject 🙂

WP Rocket Caching Plugin : Enable Caching for Mobile Devices

Pros of WP Rocket cache plugin

Hey Dave, thanks for the reply. I’m going to forward it on over to the WP Rocket guys, they are already looking into it.

I’ve been using that plugin for a couple years now, due to periodic challenges with other free ones (some of which I liked but had issues with at times, like I know W3 Total is supposed to be quite good but one of the more complicated ones in setting up – I remember though you did have a recommended settings post somewhere here if I’m not mistaken). Anyway with WP Rocket the performance seems to be good, pretty simple to operate, and the service is also good.

Anyway, yea as you noted I am due to get the latest update going 🙂 On that, just curious, any further Stallion feature additions in the works? You’ve added a lot of features with all the iterations over the years, so maybe there’s a time you consider it “finished” if that’s the best way to put it.

Pros of WP Rocket cache plugin

Free Premium WordPress SEO Plugins, Maybe?

My wife and I are trying out a new career path, children’s picture book authors, though getting a literary agent has proved problematic (major issue for most wannabe authors). We are thinking about skipping the middleman (agents/publishers) and go straight to Kickstarter for funding, have to be in almost finished product territory for that route. I had some free time late last year so started work on a big theme update, but sales of Stallion Responsive have slowed down** to a point it’s not really worth my time to sell it anymore.

Takes a LOT of time to update, so put it on hold to work on an important project in December and only just finished the project.

** Think the problem is a combination of premium WordPress SEO themes being a tiny highly competitive niche (most users think an SEO plugin is the be all and end all of WordPress SEO) and Stallion is too complex for the average user. To cover all the important SEO features it takes a LOT of options (hundreds of them) and users tend not to like that level of complexity (it’s more like a developer tool than a theme).

In hindsight would have made more sense to create a couple of dozen SEO plugins that work well together with a core SEO theme than one huge SEO theme with everything in it. For example I built the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin last year and that’s based on one relatively small Stallion Responsive feature (based on an old plugin). Also started pulling some of the SEO code out of the theme to push it into the Stallion SEO Plugin which will work with any theme and if I finished all my plans would be significantly better than Yoast and All In One SEO Plugins.

So might start ‘converting’ the Stallion Responsive features it into small SEO plugins like the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin.

Free Premium WordPress SEO Plugins, Maybe?

Stallion Responsive 8.4 Update

I cannot say how active you are on Stallion Theme, because the last comment seems to be from June 2017. I hope this is the right place to ask (I’ve bee away from blogging for a while now). I sent an email to davidlseo at, but will try to extract most relevant stuff here, hopefully you can also review the email. I am interested in my 4th question and where you are on your journey.

1.- I have three sites running 8.1 or 8.2, I am not sure if I ‘must’ update (I didn’t keep track of changes from 8.1 to 8.2 to 8.4). My questions are: Do I need to pay for the 8.4 update? and where could I download the files? Last time when updating to 8.1/8.2, I couldn’t install from dashboard.

2.- How up to date is your SEO Tutorial info (both wordpress and general tutorials). Is this material still relevant? I want to learn SEO, really more oriented to SEO writing, and I guess I need to understand how SEO works.

3.- I remember back in 2014 (or earlier) you were blogging about ‘Make Money”, “Millionaire Journey”, etc. I was wondering, what happened with that writing and efforts? How was/is your journey? Are you still working on Making Money?

To be honest, I found some peace after reading Prov 30:7-9… at the same time, cannot neglect the part of preparing myself for my future by having a backup in case things go bad in my current job and to ensure I am financially well prepared for when I retire…

4.- I guess I wanted to ask too (bonus question)… with Google AI either here or coming, does SEO still makes sense? I mean wouldn’t traditional SEO tend to die? for instance, there could be applications that already generate human-like writings?

Stallion Responsive 8.4 Update

I Ignore Most Emails Asking SEO Questions

I received your email, but didn’t respond because you’d not gone to the effort (and still haven’t) to do basic research like going to this sites home page which at the top states:

Stallion Responsive is currently not available to purchase and I have no plans to release any new updates. I’m afraid the time taken on updates vs money from selling a single theme isn’t worth the investment (in time) managing. Stallion Responsive today (November 2017) is still by far the best WordPress SEO package available, so current users will be fine for at a least a year.

I get LOTS of emails like yours and if the person hasn’t performed basic research first I tend not to respond.

I have no plans to release another Stallion theme update, 8.4 is the last public release. Future SEO products I create will only be available to a select few: my SEO clients as part of the service.

2. Core SEO doesn’t change that much, most of my SEO Tutorials are still relevant. Since I’ve restarted my SEO consulting service (I’m an SEO consultant again) I’m creating new SEO tutorial content at my SEO Gold Site.

3. Yes I still make money.

4. Google search is your friend, there’s loads about AI online, if you are serious about offering SEO services in the future (as your email suggests) you should be able to research this using Google and be able to find multiple sides to the debate about AI.

I Ignore Most Emails Asking SEO Questions

SSL integration with AdSense on Stallion Responsive

Hello Dave! I have ssl enabled on my website. After I’ve installed stallion responsive and turned AdSense ON, the ads didn’t show up and blocked in Chrome as an unsafe script. In the address bar I got a notification: “Insecure content blocked This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources. ”

And only having clicked the prompt “Load unsafe scripts”, the adsense ads showed up.

SSL integration with AdSense on Stallion Responsive

Solution is to go to the Stallion AdSense Options page and add responsive AdSense ad code to the relevant forms.

I do this for my sites that run AdSense, it’s been the best way to add AdSense ads for 5+ years way before SSL was important.

In the relevant forms you add code like this:

You get the code from your AdSense account by creating several ads.

Twitter ON loads unsafe scripts

FYI I’ve spent a while till I finally figured out that Twitter Button ON in Promotion Options makes a browser notification that a page is trying to load unsafe scripts. Turned it OFF and it solved the problem.

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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