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Certain skills are essential for web designers. First, you need an eye for good design, an understanding of the concepts involved, and the ability to use related tools. In addition, a working knowledge of code (CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.) will help you turn your ideas into action.

We often focus on these areas – and for good reason. They are the foundation of what it takes to work in this industry.

But there is more to running a successful web design business or small agency. Skills not directly related to code or aesthetics. Rather, they are part of being a well-qualified professional.

In some cases, you may need them to better serve your clients. Or they may take the pain out of everyday business tasks. Either way, they are very valuable to learn.

Today, we’ll explore three skills that can help you boost your career. On with us!

Master of All Things Google

Chances are you’re interacting with Google quite a bit already. Using it to search for coding advice is part of being a developer, after all.

In addition, you may know some best practices for SEO. But there is an opportunity to go deeper. You can help yourself and your clients in the process.

By studying the latest changes made by the search giant, you will be able to pass this information on to your clients. They will appreciate your ability to help them navigate an often confusing topic.

A working knowledge of various Google tools can also be beneficial. For example, setting up custom reports in Google Analytics and interpreting the data will help clients make informed decisions.

Likewise, the data within Google Search Console provides more context. It can provide insight into strengths and weaknesses in performance and usability. This data is essential to refine the site user experience.

These tools are free to use, and you can charge clients for your expertise. If you are looking to expand your service offerings, this area can be a revenue driver.

Learn the Basics of Content Writing

The need for quality content will never go away. Whether it’s a blog post, About page, or supporting documentation – there are many demands.

Content helps organizations reach their audience. In addition, users must receive valuable information. And there are many benefits for anyone who produces these materials.

Again, this is a service that can be offered to clients. Getting website content from them is traditionally a struggle. It is often an obstacle to launching projects on time. By adding your talents, you’re making money and keeping things on schedule.

But even if you’re not writing for clients, your content can still have a positive impact on your business. Blog posts that target potential and current clients help establish you as an authority. These concepts can also be used in email marketing and social media as well.

It should be noted that there are some barriers to writing. There is often a lack of confidence. The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert or a technically perfect writer.

The biggest challenge is the ability to present ideas in a precise, easy-to-understand way. Master that and you can be on your way to writing effective web content. Furthermore, writing tends to improve with experience. That, along with helpful grammar and structure checking tools, could further shorten the learning curve.

The ability to write content will help you serve and reach clients.

Be Adept at Record Keeping & Organization

Web designers can get away with being disorganized to a certain extent. But as your business grows, it can become a part of your efficiency. Every second spent scrambling to find documentation or figuring out how much a client has is a wasted second.

Sloppy record keeping can also get you into trouble. If your business is subject to a tax audit, your situation could be worse.

So, if you have a pile of paper on your desk (or stacks of important data sitting in your email), plan to get organized. It can give you peace of mind and more time to tackle your projects.

And speaking of projects, it is also important to be organized there. Using a productivity tool to track what you’re working on, what’s coming, and when it’s due will make work easier. This way, you’ll be able to keep tabs on the progress and you’ll be less likely to forget something important.

It may seem like a big (or even impossible) task. But there are several products, services, and blogs dedicated to organizational techniques. Take advantage of their ability to simplify the process.

The key is to start small and create manageable goals. Stick to it and you will de-stress your life!

Being organized will help keep your business running smoothly.

Valuable Skills That Help You and Your Clients

The above skills share some common threads. Each of them can improve your daily routine. And, although not directly related to web design, they provide an opportunity to increase your income and productivity.

Plus, you don’t need to add them to your client services list. There is value in the fact that you are also learning for yourself. At the very least, it can build confidence and increase your depth of knowledge.

One bit of advice: if you choose to learn any of the above, start with the organization. It’s a skill that can be carried over to every part of your work and life.

Beyond that, the world is your oyster. There are a variety of other skills that will benefit your business. The best part is that you can choose whatever interests you.

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