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When we think of website and software design, we still think of laptops. Yes we have all the useful widgets. We will never accept our smartphones, whether they be Android phones or Apple iPhones and iPads. Still, when we want to do something serious, we push up that laptop and go to work.

So if you want to showcase your website and software design, there’s nothing like a laptop template for Photoshop to help you do it!

Today, we show you amazing and versatile laptop mockups. They are all incredibly easy to customize. All you need is Photoshop and a few minutes. Thanks to the smart stuff system, you can easily replace your own designs to get beautiful and photo-realistic results that your clients will love.

From colorful and fun models that work as a charm to attract your audience (whether they are end customers or clients you are designing for) to grid models with both laptops and tablets, there is plenty to choose from.

When it comes to devices, you can choose between Mac laptops and other Windows brands, depending on your audience ‘s preference.

Handsome and attractive, these laptop templates will make your next presentation a great success! This fake laptop set includes ten different laptop models, which are perfect for presenting web and online store designs, as well as presenting your products. If your audience likes lively videos, choose this package!

If you are looking for unique perspectives, choose this laptop template for Photoshop. With an interesting perspective and plenty of customization options (including removable background and edit effects), this laptop mockup is perfect for presenting your software and web design, or even branding and visual recognition for clients.

PSD Template for Photoshop Laptop Download

Minimal mockups are perfect for highlighting your skills, and this laptop template will show everyone that you Kahlo is the graphic design! With four pre-made scenes, a scene creator that lets you customize everything, and lots of personalization options to achieve your vision, this sleek laptop set works like a charm!

Photა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Twitterა Twitter Clean Photoshop Mockup Template PSD

A minimal and clean laptop and tablet grid model, this set is perfect for presenting a variety of designs. You can display responsiveness of your designs or use this laptop and tablet PSD demo version to give your clients plenty of options during your presentation.

Photoshop PSD Mockup Template Laptop Grid

Do some magic with the famous Mac! This highly responsive Apple model includes 2 Mac laptops, as well as an iPad, which gives you plenty of space to work with. You can upload different designs or display the responsiveness on different devices. Customize the background, and you’re golden!

PSD MacBooks Pro iPad Pro Photoshop Mockup Template

Beautifully positioned, these PSD laptop templates are perfect for bringing your designs to life. You can choose from 3 photo-realistic styles and easily on the laptop models with Photoshop smart objects.

PSD Template for Photoshop Laptop Download

Simple and clean, this laptop mockup template for Photoshop allows you to display your designs on a minimalist, industrial background, perfect for colorful and dark designs. You get six laptop PSD models with photo-realistic and 4 Photoshop photo filters to make your presentation even more beautiful.

PSD Photorealistic Laptop Mockup Template Photoshop

Clean and minimalist, this rugged laptop template highlights the screen showing your design. With five customizable PSD laptop models, adjustable backgrounds, customizable effects, and plenty of other options, you love to add your own designs and make sure every detail your target audience enjoys.

PSD Photoshop Laptop Screen Mockup Template

Everyone loves a lively and engaging presentation! And with this laptop-friendly template for Photoshop, you can ensure that your audience likes your design and the way you have chosen to present them. This mockup is perfect for highlighting software and features, as well as web design.

Photoshop Laptop Display Model Template PSD

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and an Apple mockup keeps all your customers close! This Apple device model includes iPhones, iPads, Mac desktops, and Mac laptops. You can show responsiveness or add a different design to each mockup. Then wrapped it up with fun backgrounds!

Various Apple Devices Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

This fun craft paper laptop template is perfect for an audience that values ​​creativity! You can choose 6 paper diagrams that bring a dose of interaction to your designs and customize the colors of the different parts. Add a little extra to your regular presentation, and take advantage of your customers’ socks!

Yა íoslódáilო íoslódáilაო Twitter Saorი Twitterი Twitterა Twitter Twitterა Twitter DIY Photoshop Paper Craft Laptop PSD Mockup Template

For a friendly non-ground-up atmosphere, choose these five models of laptops and tablets with photos in a cafe. After customizing the PSDs with a little help from Photoshop smart stuff, you will get amazing, photo-realistic results. You can display everything from graphic design to designs of specific software and website features.

Tableა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Twitterა Twitter Laptop Tablet Cafe Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

This photo-realistic model template set perfectly illustrates the responsiveness of your design! If your customers want their websites and tools to look perfect on all devices (phone, tablet, and desktop), show them how great your work with these device templates is. Simply a few clicks in Photoshop!

Photoshop PSD Responsive Desktop Mockup Template

If your design is not responsive, you will need to revert to editing. Let you know that by showing your clients how your designs are displayed on different devices with these Photoshop mockups.

Tableა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Twitterა Twitter Smart Tablet Laptop Desktop Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Modern and interactive, these Macbook Pro laptop templates are perfect for communicating with a modern and stylish audience. Showcase your features and user experience through 3 different models. You can easily edit data and present the photo-realistic results. These mockups match brands perfectly with a slim and refined identity and visuals!

Photoshop Mockup Template for Photoshop Coffee PSD

This atmospheric laptop mockup is perfect for presenting your design for laptop covers and stickers. If you are an artist looking to expand your offer, this model is a great solution! Help your customers imagine what your laptop stickers will look like on their laptops, and increase your sales!

Computer on Wooden Table Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Have your virtual designs personal touch with this laptop model. With well-organized layers, this lie is delightful: it’s easy to edit with Photoshop’s smart stuff, and guarantees photo – realistic results for your next presentation. Easily add your UI, software or web designs, and appeal to your audience.

PSD Template for Photoshop Laptop Download

Simple and screen-oriented, these laptop templates can help you present your web design or UI work in the best possible light. You get 4 PSD laptop mockups that you can fully customize to fit your style (or customer) for photo-realistic results.

Photა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Twitterა Twitter Clean Photoshop Mockup Template PSD

Simple and clean, the Macbook Pro contains these laptop templates, with a special focus on screenshots. You get four different PSD files, shot from different angles and adaptable. If you want to do your own close-ups, you can! In the end, you will get extremely photo-realistic results.

PSD Template for Photoshop Laptop Download

These fake laptop and smartphone templates reflect your design in a calm and neutral environment. You can add your own designs to both devices, so that they work as a charm to show responsiveness. And thanks to Photoshop, you will have a great presentation in just a few minutes!

Laptop and Smartphone on Wooden Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Stylish and perfect for light, dark and colorful designs, these white laptop templates are like nothing you’ve ever seen! With 23 PSD files, you can display your designs in full glory. Show everyone that your work is not only practical – it’s magical!

Gl Saorა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Twitterა Twitter White Laptop Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Keep a close eye on what matters: your design. These laptop screen templates allow you to focus on the quality of your work, be it visual recognition design or software / web design. You get three high-quality PSD laptop models, as well as plenty of customizable elements for photo-realistic results.

PSD Photoshop Laptop Screen Mockup Template

Clean workspace and one laptop with your design on it. Isn’t that a dream? This laptop mockup (2 variations) brings the focus back to your work.

Ríomhaireა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი Twitterა. Twitterა Twitter Laptop Photoshop Workspace PSD Mockup Template

Help your customers personalize their Macbooks with these laptop sticker sticker templates! Easy to customize (takes a few clicks, and you’re done), these fancy templates offer a slim and minimal way to present your work. This macbook model works great for light and colorful designs!

Sticker Mounted on MacBook PSD Mockup Template

Extend your work far and wide with laptop sleeves! And then, when you have the time to promote your designs, use these amazing Laptop Sleeve Templates.

Photoshop Laptop Sleeve Mockup Template PSD

Use these laptop templates to enhance your presentation and bring your projects to life.

Whether you are designing a website or software, these laptop mockups will help you highlight all the things you love about your designs and make the quality of your work clear to your customers.

These mockups are perfect for showcasing responsiveness, aesthetics, user experience and – of course – your skills.

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