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Understanding the competitive landscape is a key part of any marketing business, and local search is no different. To learn how to beat your local competitors in search, you don’t just have to find out who is beating you, but more importantly because.

This is where Local Search Grid Competitor Tables come in – each one gives you an overview of how your local pack rivals are performing in key SEO metrics like citations and reviews.

Beyond these objective performance metrics, however, it’s worth keeping an eye on the Google My Business (GMB) categories your competitors are using. How come? Because the categories you select have the potential to significantly impact the relevance of your business to searches.

Did you know? According to research conducted in 2020, “GMB Primary Category” and “Additional GMB Categories” are considered two of the top five most important ranking factors in local search results … and the former is number one!

Local Search Grid has always done a great job of highlighting GMB categories in reports, but from today you will see an update that, for the first time, shows you both primary and additional categories in the ranking of the best competitors.

Until now, there was no easy way to collect all the category data on competitors in one place. You would have to access the source code or use a Chrome extension on a laborious page by page, profile by profile. This update brings all of this information together, making it easy for you to see how these additional categories could affect the ranking of certain keywords.

How does it work?

As you can see below, we have split the existing “Category” column in this table into two new “Main Category” and “Additional Categories” columns. I highlighted “Additional Categories” in the screenshot as that is where the new data is located.

If you are thinking “there are not many additional categories”, you would be right! This is because we have made the complete list of additional categories available for each business with a quick click of the “arrow” button. That way you don’t have to contend with an incredibly long table until you’re ready to dig into this data.

Lsg Add Cats Expanded

Ready to see Additional Categories in your report? Just run the report again to see the new data!

How can I use this new data?

Looking at the example above, we can see that the (surprising name) Storm Balgeman Miller Klippel is a law firm currently not ranked in the local area for the search term “law firm”.

Their main category is “Legal Services”, which is particularly suitable if they do not specialize in a particular area of ​​law. One of the things they may want to look into, based on the results of this report, is adding additional categories to their Google My Business profile.

Where do they get inspiration for these categories? From competitors in the report, of course! Looking at what additional categories might help competitors climb to the top for different keywords allows you to map the additional categories you should be using.

In the example above, the company might consider adding categories such as “family law attorney”, “civil law attorney” and “personal injury attorney”, where relevant, to gain greater visibility in the SERPs .

Let me talk about those additional categories!

BrightLocal customer? Just set up a new Local Search Grid report and see this new data for yourself!

Interested in trying BrightLocal and Local Search Grid? Start your 14-day free trial here!

Knowledge is power

With this new information, available on all new Local Search Grid reports, you can see the finer details of your rivals’ GMB profiles, allowing you to better understand the playing field and make strategic decisions about the GMB categories you choose on your own. , or your client, business.

It is a good idea to know who you are dealing with in local marketing. With this new feature, we hope you enjoy getting to know them much better.

Jamie Pitman

Jamie leads the BrightLocal content team, ensuring the production of in-depth articles, research and resources that enable businesses and SEOs to perform even better in local search.

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