Marketers call attention to the #% t bulls, as usual

Except this time the bullshit isn’t some miracle DTC kitchen gadget or a $ 250 course on how to rank # 1 in Google.

The bullshit I want to call attention to just happened in the US Supreme Court when it overturned Roe v. Wade and put the country on the path of banning abortion. We are not here to discuss the pros and cons of abortion with anyone. We are here to play our hand and do what we can to help the women and their families who will be victims of this parody.

I woke up on Friday still upset that my wife, Jill, and my two daughters, the government had just said that they were basically second-class citizens and that the government had more say in what they could do with their own body. what they did. I spent about an hour complaining to friends and then it occurred to me that complaining would get me absolutely nowhere.

I don’t pretend that whatever I do will create some kind of mass movement, but mass movements are initiated by masses starting to move. So I decided why big companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Patagonia should have fun? If they could quickly put together policies to cover the costs of their team members who need to travel out of state to have an abortion, so could we.

Then I saw this tweet from Mike King:

And it occurred to me that there were many others in our huge little industry who probably looked like me. So I started sending out emails, LinkedIn, Facebook, text messages and even emails (who does that these days?), And this weekend, Reproductive Rights Agencies were born.

We now have 30 (!) Agencies and consultants who have all agreed to offer abortion travel benefits for team members, not to mention a cool new logo designed by the Boldist team:

The only way things get better is to take action. I hope this puts a little dent in the universe that currently needs a fair amount of dent.

If you would like to make a dent, please get in touch.

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