Live Webinar: Will ChatGPT Kill Google? – Monthly ML Madness

Event Date: February 15 at 10am PT / 1 ET

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Join us live on LinkedIn on February 15th at 10am for the second part of our monthly ML Madness webinars, where we’ll talk about how ChatGPT will affect Google, the search landscape and SEO copywriting.

Jess Peck, ML Engineer at Local SEO Guide, will be joined by CEO and founder of the Gray Dot Company, Tory Gray and CDO al Punto Grigio CompanySamantha Torres, to discuss what you need to know about what tools like GPT Chat actually mean for the future of search, SEO, and SEO jobs.

The panel will ask leading questions about ChatGPT such as:

  • How accurate and reliable is ChatGPT?
  • Will SEO content writers die out?
  • Will ChatGPT replace Google?
  • How will more AI-generated content impact search?

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from AI/ML industry experts and get some insight into what ChatGPT means for the future – we look forward to having you join us!

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