Live Webinar: The Questionable Art of SEO Prediction

Date: 4/27/2022

Time: 10 a.m. PT, 1 p.m. ET

Want to know which SEO initiatives are worth pursuing? Predicting SEO ROI isn’t always easy, but there are good (and bad) paths to knowing if what you’re planning to do will produce the results you’re looking for. Local SEO Guide will have an open discussion with industry experts to delve into current trends and improved methods so you can know if predictions are divination or data science.

Learn about the forecast webinar

Local SEO Guide hosts a live webinar to discuss SEO predictions with an SEO panel from leading brands such as Hubspot, LOCOMOTIVE Agency, and Trader Interactive. This webinar is an open discussion that will summarize and expand LocalU’s forecast talk given by LSG CEO Andrew Shotland on April 5th. Some of the main topics of discussion will be:

  • What are some of the challenges for SEO forecasting?
  • How are SEOs currently approaching SEO predictions?
  • A better scientific method for SEO predictions
  • Building an industry standard for SEO predictions

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Why are we talking about SEO Forecasting?

SEO Forecasting isn’t always simple, but you need to predict success, prioritize initiatives and answer inevitable stakeholder questions such as:

  • How much am I going to get?
  • How fast can I get there?
  • What is the ROI on SEO investment?

In the past, this has been difficult for SEOs for a couple of reasons. Often, C-suites and executives sometimes “feel” that SEO is less predictable than traditional digital channels. Projecting any marketing investment may seem like more of an art than a science, but there are approaches that can help you better understand the earning potential for SEO initiatives.

Facing the challenges of forecasting

Predicting the impact and return on investment for SEO can be difficult, but you don’t need a crystal ball to predict the future. By looking at a few key factors such as historical data, the current state of the market, and the current state of your site, you can give interested parties a picture of what they can expect.

Build better forecasting methodologies

The purpose of the Local SEO Guide for holding this webinar is to open the dialogue on forecasting methods (good and bad) and build an industry standard. We will talk about different approaches and answer live questions from the audience. join us Wednesday 27 April at 10:00 to listen and be part of the discussion!

Speakers in the foreground

Victor Pan

Principal Marketer, Technical SEO

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10 a.m. PT, 1 p.m. ET

Learn how to spot sound predictions from future prediction so you don’t have to wonder if your investment is likely to pay off

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