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How to register and ask your questions

How to register

Attending a BrightLocal webinar on Crowdcast is simple. You will need a Crowdcast account to sign up, but registration only takes 2 minutes.

1. Click the green “Save my seat!” button at the top of the Crowdcast window.

If you are unable to see this button or the Crowdcast embedding, please visit the Crowdcast page directly to register.

2. Enter your email address or choose to log in via your social media. Press the green arrow or press Enter to continue.

Attend the event

3. Click on ‘Send me a login link by email’ where you can confirm your registration by email. Don’t see the email? Please check your spam folder!

Email a login link

4. After confirming, you will be redirected to the Crowdcast event page. Remember to add the event to your calendar so you don’t lose it!

If you are having trouble seeing the Crowdcast embed, go directly to the webinar page or email for assistance.

If you can see the embed but not the green button (and you are seeing the ‘chat’ feed instead), it means that you are already registered and logged in. Come back here when it’s webinar time!

5. Click ‘Ask a question’ and send your questions using the popup (you can do this before or during the broadcast).

Do you see a question in the popup that you would also like the answer to? Just click on the arrow next to the question to “rate it”! Popular questions with the most votes will be answered first.

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