How to quickly edit a Robots.txt file in WordPress

Not sure what a robots.txt the file is? You need to make changes to the file robots.txt file, but you don’t know how to access them?

wp robot .txt filewp robot .txt file
WordPress makes it easy to edit the robots.txt file.

A robots.txt file is crucial for any website as it helps control the behavior of search engines and other web robots. The text file acts as a set of instructions that tell search engines and other bots which pages or sections of your website should be crawled or indexed.

In this article, we will discuss finding and editing a file robots.txt files in WordPress. Whether you’re looking to block specific pages, allow search engines to crawl your entire site, or prevent particular file types from being crawled, understanding how to change the robots.txt file is an essential step in taking control of your website’s presence on the Internet.

By following these steps, you can quickly and easily edit the file robots.txt files in your WordPress site and improve the search engine optimization of your website and the protection of sensitive information.

Find and edit the file robots.txt File

To make changes to a website robots.txt file, you need to access it first.

In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps to access the robots.txt file in WordPress so you can edit it.

Install WP File Manager

wp file managerwp file managerwp file manager

To find the robots.txt file, you will need access to your WordPress site’s file manager.

You can access your site’s files via FTP, but installing the WP File Manager plugin is easier. This plugin will display your site files for quick editing right from your WordPress dashboard.

Navigate to Plugins section in the side menu. Look for WP file manager in the search bar. Click on Add new button to access WordPress plugins. Click Install now and wait for the plug-in to install, then click Activate button to activate the plugin on your website.

You will now see WP File Manager in the left sidebar of your WP dashboard.

Locate the robots.txt file

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