How to Grow Your Audience as a Designer

Freelance designers are in a tough position. We need to create great work that clients give us, and then we have to go out and market that work to make sure potential clients see it.

We’ve all seen those designers who seem to have too many trailers and followers, and whose work draws others in like moths to flame. Are they just better designers than us? Of course not. They have mastered a number of key principles that have taken them far beyond their peers, but which can be easily adapted by anyone.

Today, we’ll explore what exactly makes these people rise above others in terms of platform building, and how you can learn from the examples they set.

Exude Confidence

It takes a certain amount of confidence to project rockstar designer air. People need to feel that you can lead not only in business or design, but also in conversation. This means knowing how not to talk to you and always being able to focus the focus of the group discussion back on yourself.

This does not mean that you have to turn yourself into a braggart. It is crucial to establish certain social tips that identify you as someone who should be listened to and respected. This is a very difficult problem for creative professionals, as we tend to be humble, often shy kids.

If so, try speaking up, standing up more directly, making more frequent eye contact during client meetings, and networking events.

Exaggerating your emotions and emotional expression a little while interacting with people can make a huge difference to how clients feel about you. In fact, it can be a decisive factor even if you get the job or not.

Yes, it may feel It’s weird to start “acting” a little, but it’s not strange to others – trust me. It just feels weird because it’s not yet your comfort zone.

Tell Great Stories

Storytelling is something we all do as human beings, but some people have not achieved enough to help them network and attract clients. Whether in person, in print or online, as you approach the work of a master storyteller, certain patterns emerge.

The first thing is that the story itself is great for getting a specific response from the listener. Everything in the conversation or copyback is about the main purpose of the story, which is usually to create a lasting relationship with the person with whom they are communicating.

The way to create a great supply of stories is to test and develop each one as you tell more and more people. With a great storyteller to hear in person, these stories that are being heard for the first time have probably been tested on dozens, or even hundreds of people before you ever reach your ears. No unnecessary fillings or words taking up your time. Every word in the story deserves a place.

Standup comedians are perhaps the closest modern version of the old tribal storytellers, and they are masters of this method. As you write, study the amazing copywriters who are able to convince hundreds of thousands of people to buy a simple, compelling story.

As a designer, storytelling to get you and your skills on the market may be intimidating, but it makes all the difference between a designer destined for an unfulfilled career, and a designer who can take control of their niche and work with the best clients. .

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Be interested

Have you ever been in the presence of someone, even after a few minutes of talking to them, who feels that you two are old friends who have known each other for years? This is usually no accident, although it is true that some people may have a more natural ability to make connections than others. But anyone can learn how to improve their success rate by connecting with people.

A real connector can convince you that you are the only person in the room, the Zoom chat, or, if so, that you are the only person in the room. Seriously well, the newsletter list. This is something that, as a rule, cannot be refuted. It always comes out in the end if someone wants to scam you or spend money on you in a sleazy way.

They are also the absolute best designers today community builders, or people who are dedicated not only to serving their clients and creating great design work, but also to building a community of design enthusiasts who are eager to hear what they have to say.

Khoi Vinh, former Design Director of the New York Times and current chief designer of Adobe, is a perfect example of this type of designer. His audience reads his blog and listens to his podcast not to sell a fake personality product or cult, but to hear his thoughts on the state of the design community and engage with him as one of his brightest peers.

The reason why great community builder designers like Vinh do not seem to want to get anything from their readers, is because, for the most part, they do not. They want a real connection, not just some temporary connection that will only benefit them.

Master community builders want to deliver as much value as, or even more than, their audience trying to return the favor.

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Follow up

This is perhaps the most important piece of the audience building puzzle. It’s not just key community builders who are interested in making a real connection with people who have been hanged or wondering what happened after the conversation. They try to make a real connection.

Often, at various networking events, people collect each other’s business cards, and will not contact anyone they have met, even if the conversation seems to have gone well.

This sometimes happens when things have not gone as well as the other person thinks, but it often happens simply because people do not know how to follow up, or even as they should.

People often expect the other person to be the one to influence it, but if you want to be a community master builder, you will need to start the first move. People will appreciate the effort, and they will think even higher about you because of it.

Being a designer with enthusiastic people is all about making friends and adding value to people. That’s it.

It’s not about trying to attract people or finding your way to relaxing opportunities. Don’t try to connect with everyone – just the right people.

Lastly, do not forget that audience building is a reciprocal relationship. Carefully choose the people you respect, follow or allow yourself to be involved with. Develop a keen eye for those affected; people who can provide you with as much value as you provide.

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