How to connect WordPress to cloud storage services

For many of us, cloud storage is a key part of our workflow. These services make it extremely easy to backup files and share them with others. You can even set them so that they disappear silently in the background – copying your files as you work.

In addition, most services offer more than one way to access your storage space. Sure, you can download an official mobile app or use its website. However, through APIs, other applications can also take advantage of the system – WordPress included.

There are many different reasons and use cases to shut your WordPress site up to the cloud. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular scenarios and introduce you to some plugins that will help you get started.

Meet Up Media

Media files can take up a lot of server space and consume at your allotted bandwidth. Stunning storage can help by keeping media separated and administering them quickly, like a content delivery network (CDN).

WP Offload Media Lite

WP Offload Media Lite works with a number of popular cloud providers, including Amazon S3, DigitalOcean, and Google Cloud Storage. The plugin will automatically copy uploaded files to the cloud and change the URL accordingly.

Note that a copy of the files you upload will remain on your hosting server – they will not be used.

Pro version adds the ability to migrate existing media to the cloud and other goodies.


Google Cloud Storage users can leverage WP-Stateless to serve media files through redundant tech behemoth servers. Choose from one of three custom “modes”: Backup, CDN, and Stateless – the latter storing and serving media exclusively from Google’s servers.

There are many customization possibilities here, and the plugin will even automatically replace hard-coded media links to indicate its new location.

WP Stateless WordPress Plugin

Media Cloud

Media Cloud claims almost the same functionality as WP Offload Media, but in a completely free add-on.

However, it also comes with the imgix API, which adds some killer features such as the ability to upload media files directly to the cloud (bypassing WordPress), as well as enhanced image editing and cropping capabilities. There is also support for WP-CLI.

WordPress Media Cloud Plugin


What cloud services do best is provide easy access to files. However, WordPress is not necessarily a great strength. But that’s why these plugins are there. Use one to share files with anyone, directly through your Web site.

WordPress download manager

While WordPress Download Manager helps you manage files on your server, it also connects to various cloud providers. Add files from services such as Box, DropBox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive for your users to download.

You will have control over who has access and the ability to display file lists in attractive, easy-to-launch UI.

Wordpress download manager wordpress plugin

Google Drive Embedder

With Google Drive Embedder, you can embed documents from your Google Drive account directly into a WordPress page or post. Alternatively, the plugin can also add a direct download link to your files. Premium version adds the ability to share entire folders and more.

Note that you will also need to install the free Google Apps Login plugin to enable your site to connect to Google Drive.

Site Backup

Having a recent copy of your site backed up to the cloud is always a good idea. While many hosts offer on-site backup, a server crash can be devastating. When you back up to a dedicated cloud server, you can access everything in case of emergency.

Note that we already have a helpful list of free WordPress backup plugins, some of which will be synchronized with stunning services. However, we wanted to highlight a few other options that did not make that initial list.

All-in-One WP Migration

WP All-in-One Migration is not just about moving your WordPress website to another location. It can also make custom backups. Commercially available extensions allow you to connect with popular cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

All-in-One WP Migration WordPress Plugin

Everest Backup

Everest Backup provides an easy way to back up your website manually or automatically locally or to Google Drive. Additionally, you can use the plugin to move or clone your site between multiple WordPress installations.

Multisite compatibility allows you to target individual network sites, or backup and restore the entire network.

Everest Backup WordPress Plugin

Ripping to the Cloud

Basically, the cloud is just a place to store files. However, its usefulness goes far beyond having extra space for a hard drive. In fact, its huge infrastructure can benefit your WordPress website in a variety of ways.

Whether it’s surpassing the storage limits of your host, enhancing performance or offering an easy way to share documents, there are plugins available that will get you up and running within minutes.

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