How AI-generated images can simplify your SEO game with DALL-E 2

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  • SEOs are always on the lookout for innovative technologies that can help them amplify content creation effectively
  • One such innovation that is about to become the next big thing in SEO and content creation is OpenAI’s DALL-E 2
  • What is it, how does it work and how can SEOs use it (or at least start experimenting with it)?

Have you ever wanted to feel like Salvador Dali? Maybe even create a cute little robot that could look like WALL-E? Your dreams may come true with the recent development of AI technology. If it sounds interesting, let’s delve a little deeper into this topic. Let’s talk about DALL-E 2.

Ok Google, what does AI do?

Artificial intelligence (AI) aims to create unique algorithms that can behave like people in specific situations: recognize human language and various objects, write and read texts and the like. This technology is already far ahead of human capabilities in many areas involving data processing. Until recently, AI mainly invaded fields related to technical activities: predictive analytics, robotics, imaging and speech recognition. Today AI outstrips people 40 percent on trivia.

But can AI also take on creative functions? It appears that this is the last field to be dominated by neural networks. Art is a complicated combination of skill, creativity and aesthetic taste, all of which are very human elements. However, in April 2022, the OpenAI group proved otherwise by releasing a powerful text-to-image converter, FROM – 2, which can turn any text caption into a visual presentation that has never existed before. Its most successful feature is that the tool can accurately and logically convey the relationships between the objects it displays.

What is DALLE-2?

This neural network was created by OpenAI. Originally, it was GPT-2, a technology that could work with languages: answer questions, complete text, analyze content and draw conclusions. It has been improved in GPT-3: its capabilities have expanded beyond textual information and allowed it to work with images.

As early as January 2021, this technology was followed by its mind-blowing new version which could create a connection between text and images. This neural network was called DALLE. The most remarkable thing is that it can come up not only with objects known to us, but also produce completely new combinations, creating objects that do not exist in nature. In simple terms, DALLE is a transformer composed of the decoder, which processes a sequence of 1280 tokens. These are 256 text tokens and 1024 image part tokens. The algorithm treats image regions in the same way as words in a text and generates new images identically to how GPT-3 generates new text. In 2022 the project was downsized to DALLE-2. The enhanced version creates an image from a text prompt only.

How does DALLE-2 work?

This is not the first attempt to create a text-to-image generation system. However, the capabilities of DALLE-2 are much broader. This neural network can effectively connect textual and visual abstractions and provide a realistic picture. How does the system know how a particular object interacts with the environment? The algorithm is quite difficult to explain in detail. However, it roughly consists of several stages and uses other OpenAI models: CLIP (Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training) and GLIDE (Guided Language-to-Image Diffusion for Generation and Editing).

  • Mapping of the image description in its spatial presentation via the CLIP text encoder. CLIP is trained on hundreds of millions of images and their related captions, to understand how a particular piece of text relates to an image. The model does not foresee the caption but learns how it is related to the image. This comparative approach allows to establish the relationship between textual and visual representations of the same abstract object. This step is critical for the neural network to create images.
  • Encode the image learned by CLIP. The next task is to create the image, the details of which were suggested by CLIP. Now, DALLE-2 uses a modified version of another OpenAI model, GLIDE, to create this image. It is based on a diffusion model: data is generated by reversing the process of gradual image noise. The learning process is integrated with additional textual information, which ultimately leads to the creation of more accurate images.

Based on the above, DALL-E 2 can generate semantically coherent images that naturally adapt to any object in the surrounding space.


The vast potential of AI image generation immediately caught the attention of SEO specialists. They spend a lot of time finding appropriate images to support their textual content. However, it becomes increasingly difficult to come up with something that isn’t just copied and stitched together from the web. So DALLE-2 can become a great source of an endless stream of completely unique and non-standard images. Interestingly, users will have exclusive rights to use the images they create, including for commercial use.

How SEO can help

Nowadays, website and content promotion is not possible without eye-catching images. Images add more value to your SEO efforts – your site gets more user engagement and accessibility. But getting enough proper images has always been a headache. DALLE-2 can solve this task with ease. You just have to print a descriptive prompt of your future image and the AI ​​will produce a result. The text must not exceed 400 characters. But users should be prepared to train a little to create explicit requests. It is highly advisable to study Quick book and master the basics to avoid weird results. You will learn the most valuable tips on how to get the most out of this amazing image generator.

If you want to further automate the image creation process this tool will allow you to generate a prompt that can be used on DALLE-2.

Use cases (blog posts, product images, design, digital art, thumbnails)

AI algorithms were used in SEO previously to name objects on images and create descriptions for them based on data. With DALLE-2, this process is reversed and you can now generate images based on text prompts. It doesn’t matter if you run an online blog or shop – you need a lot of visuals to attract new customers and followers. And DALLE-2 can be successfully integrated into any project where you need image supplements – create illustrations for your blog posts, product descriptions, design sketches, and more. In addition, you can further edit the images already created.

You can already see some successful use cases of DALLE-2.

  • Optimization of blog thumbnails. The Deephaven blog miniatures have been replaced by images entirely generated by DALLE-2. It took a couple of minutes and several prompts per image to get the desired result. However, it’s a significant time saver compared to what would have been spent searching for stock images. A nice advantage is that the images generated by DALLE-2 are completely unique and memorable.
  • Project development. DALLE-2 can become an efficient tool in field of design. And it seems his abilities are endless. For example, a photo of the existing garden was taken and a rectangular swimming pool was applied to it using DALLE-2. Help the client imagine what it might look like in reality.

For more use cases and live community discussions, join in r / from.

Currently, users are only experimenting with DALLE-2, but there is no doubt that it will soon be actively applied in business, architecture, fashion and other spheres.

Examples of DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is launched in beta with a credit-based model open to 100,000 users. Another million candidates are awaiting approval to test this artificial intelligence product. Some users have already shared their first experience with the converter and the results are impressive. DALL-E 2 processes the craziest requests and offers their interpretation. Here are some examples:

Request no. 1

A sad beaver in a sweater sitting in front of the screen and thinking about apples.

AI-generated image examples can simplify your SEO game with DALLE-2 - Sad beaver

Source: Twitter

Request no. 2

A platter of cold cuts floating in a swimming pool on the Amalfi coast.

AI-Generated Image Examples Can Simplify Your SEO Game With DALLE-2 - Amalfi Coast
Source: Twitter

Request no. 3

Source: Twitter

Request no. 4

A person in a spacesuit walking on Mars near the creator with dry grass and remnants of Voyager.

AI-generated image examples can simplify your SEO game with DALLE-2 - Space man
Hint: A person in spacesuit walking on Mars near the creator with dry grass and remnants of Voyager

Source: LinkedIn

Request no. 5

A Ukrainian in the field to collect crops.

Source: Twitter


DALL-E 2 is today a revolutionary text to image converter. It will help you to instantly generate a variety of unique images with just a short text message in less time than you would spend on stock photography sites. This technology is an absolute game changer and can rearrange a lot of things in SEO over the next few years. However, more live tests are still needed to take full advantage of the DALL-E 2.

Dima Makei is Head of SEO at Omnicom Media Group. He is also passionate about teaching and previously worked as a marketing professor at Seneca College. Find it on Twitter @dima_makei.

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