How advertising works to build your brand

Advertising is an important part of your marketing strategy. You use marketing to attract your audience in the long term, but advertising helps to get their attention to your business in the short term.

Knowing how advertising works to build your brand can help you create highly effective ads, which improves your return on investment (ROI). When you understand the ways advertising connects with your audience, you can be sure you are putting those vital elements into every ad.

Let’s take a look at how ads build your brand.

Draw attention to your business

We don’t need to tell you it’s a wild world out there, with many competitors looking for customers in every line of business. The online world has made it easier to reach your ideal audience, but it’s also easier for your competitors to invade your normal sales territory.

Advertising can draw attention to your business by helping consumers realize that there is another option in your industry. Of course, you want to describe why your business is unique and explain why the consumer should buy from you rather than from another competitor.

Putting your name in front of potential buyers is the first step in growing your business, and advertising does a great job of meeting your ideal audience where they already are and show your message.

Create an emotional connection between your business and the audience

Most sales decisions are first made based on emotions and then justified using logic. Advertising can create an emotional connection between your brand and your audience, which helps them choose your company more often.

For example, Coca-Cola ads never talk about the Coke formula or health benefits. Instead, they show friends having fun at different types of events, all drinking this drink together. The goal of these ads is to create an emotional connection between fun and Coke. The next time someone meets up with friends, they’re more likely to grab a Coke.

You can use ads in much the same way. If you’ve been in your community for many years, use nostalgia to connect with your target audience. Talk about how you have seen family through many changes and how you will always be there for them. Or, if you’re a new and trendy brand, use advertising to connect your business with the optimism and novelty of young people.

Ads are a great way to bond with your audience using emotions.

Build credibility

Ads aren’t just about emotions – you need to include solid, logical reasons to buy from your business as well. When it comes to a small business, it’s all about credibility and accountability.

The good news is that a local business is easier to hold accountable for its work than a national chain or large business. You can take advantage of it in your advertising. Talk about how you are always behind your job and if they have any questions, they can come to see you at your address at any time. Provide a name to ask for, creating a personal bond between you and the customer.

Credibility is also about a history of great works, which you probably already have. Show it in your advertisement. It’s not about bragging – you don’t necessarily want to talk about awards or your years of education. Instead, ask happy customers to share their stories about how you saved the day when they were in need.

Consider this: A video about your client having a pipe leak at 2am, but your plumbing company was able to send an emergency technician so they could go back to sleep in peace. That type of advertising will resonate with many customers and make them more likely to choose your business than others.

Now you are starting to see how advertising works to build your brand!

Encourage people to make a purchase decision

Not everyone who sees your ad will be ready for your products and services by that time. However, a certain percentage of them will, especially if you run ads consistently over time.

This means that part of your advertising strategy will include direct request for the sale. Let the consumer know how to contact you and say something like “Contact us today to learn more about our XYZ”. Or you might say, “If you want your garden to be this beautiful all summer long, we can help. Contact us today.”

Having a strong call to action is essential in any advertisement. It doesn’t always have to be a sale – it could be an invitation to consume more content, join your mailing list, or share your ad with others. There should always be something to do with the information you have presented. And at least part of the time, that step should be to contact you about products and services.

Are you building your brand?

Awareness is the first step to building a great brand, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. Advertising is a way to reach your audience and build your brand through emotion, credibility, and a call for action.

If you’re working on building your brand online, we’d love to help you. We use search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing to create a long-term connection between your brand and your ideal audience. Contact us today for more information!

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