Have you tried Adobe Creative Cloud Express yet?

Adobe has launched Creative Cloud Express to help anyone create beautiful, stand – out content for the web.

Unlike other Adobe products that require a little training and practice to get the most out of them, Creative Cloud Express is aimed at those with no previous design experience as part of Adobe’s mission to enable creativity for all.

Creative Cloud Express is a suite of web and mobile apps (iOS and Android) that uses a template system to allow anyone to create social media posts, logos, ads, and more. Simple to use, Creative Cloud Express uses guided tools that hold the user’s hand throughout the process, making it easy to achieve beautiful results with no prior experience.

Creative Cloud Express produces creative work as a viable option for anyone, regardless of experience. However, it’s ideal for posting on social media – while it’s possible, it’s unlikely that anyone will actually use Creative Cloud Express to design a logo, given the extensive design insights required to undertake that task.

Creative Cloud Express is perfect for anyone looking to immerse themselves in Adobe’s product range but not ready for the full suite of Create Cloud tools. However, it is very beneficial for companies whose design teams are tied to produce assets for the marketing department. It is a perfect fit for marketing teams who need to quickly output many professional quality design assets; designers can once make brand assets and leave the marketers to create the content they want, knowing they will have professional results regardless of skill.

Adobe describes Creative Cloud Express as a “template-first”, which means that the starting point for your design will be one of thousands of professionally designed templates in the app. Once you have your starting point, you can add your images, content and videos using simple drag and drop interaction. In addition, Cloud Express creative has thousands of high-level illustrations, brushes, stickers and fonts. Creative Cloud Express even gives you access to the entire Adobe Stock photo collection. So even if you do not have a wide set of company assets ready, you can still create something truly unique.

Professional designers will also benefit from Creative Cloud Express for the secure synchronization with the Creative Cloud Suite. You can quickly toggle between rich and simple tools, allowing you to take advantage of powerful apps when needed and fall back on quick automation when appropriate.

Powered by Sensei, Adobe’s proprietary AI and machine – learning technology – the same technology that powers app – design giants like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro – Cloud Express creates the hard work of producing design assets with quick action. For example, you can remove the background from photos, crop or merge videos, and export a PDF, all in a few clicks.

One of the must-have features of any design app these days is collaboration, and Creative Cloud Express is embedded in the core experience. Adobe Shared Libraries, Shared Templates and Shared Brands are all built-in so teams can work together seamlessly.

Creative Cloud Express is already a significant tool, but it’s just the beginning for Adobe. Future updates will include even tighter integration with Creative Cloud apps, faster actions, and new templates. Adobe plans to release new features every week, leading to an exciting learning curve.

Creative Cloud Express is about empowering creativity and helping those professionals who have not previously considered themselves as designers to build a career as part of the creative economy.

Creative Cloud Express is free on the web at adobe.com/express and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Android Store. Premium features can be added for $ 9.99 per month.

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