Free download: UI budget planner

Designing an onboarding process can be difficult; there are so many different options, and if you get it wrong, you could turn users off. This freebie is a great starting point for your own designs, for prototyping or as a sanity check to make sure you’ve covered the basics.

This amazing UI kit was designed by Premium UI Kits. The designs are based on the onboarding process for a budget planner, but are extremely customizable and can be easily transformed into any onboarding or signing process.

The design is on the popular mini-demand technical style and features pill-shaped buttons and subtle gradients that make the screens feel familiar and fresh.

All graphics are 100% vector based, using customizable symbols for Sketch and Figma users.


You can use the Budget Planner Mobile UI Pack on your sites for free. Download it here now.

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