Extend our local data aggregator coverage with GPS network and YP network

We have expanded our local data aggregator coverage by adding two new networks: GPS network and YP network.

GPS network

It might seem obvious enough, but it’s vital to ensure potential customers can do this in reality find out where your business is located. However, updating outdated or conflicting location information is still a challenge that local businesses often face.

Our research shows that 39% of consumers would abandon shipping to an alternative business or give up research entirely if they encountered incorrect address information for a local business.

This is where the GPS network comes into play. The GPS network ensures that a company’s location data is available and accurate on five of the most used navigation apps:

  • Tom Tom
  • Waze
  • Here
  • Uber
  • Navmii

Collectively, these apps are used by over a billion users around the world, so you can ensure they are used extensively by your local customers.

YP network

While it may not have the market share it once did in the print age, the Yellow Pages still remain a common way for consumers to discover and evaluate local businesses. The YP network is made up of three sites that have a combined total of 80 million users per month.

  • Yellow Pages
  • Superpages
  • DexSa

Many of the sites and apps covered by GPS Network and YP Network are paid. Being listed means paying each individually and this can add up to hundreds of dollars a year. Also, you should consider the time it takes to do it yourself. In some cases, the approval process isn’t an easy task.

Using these two networks within BrightLocal offers a faster and more convenient way to get information about your business listed and accurate on these platforms.

What are local data aggregators and why use them?

If you’ve gotten to this point and are thinking “sounds great, but what the hell is a local data aggregator?”, Don’t worry. Let’s take a step back and talk about how they work and the benefits.

What is a local data aggregator?

Local data aggregators collect local business data and then distribute it to a network of third-party corporate directories, mapping services, GPS services, and mobile apps.

And what are the advantages of a local data aggregator?

Local data aggregators help marketers and entrepreneurs:

  • Get their business listed across a wide variety of sites and platforms efficiently
  • Make sure your company data is accurate at source so you don’t have to update each site or platform individually
  • Quickly update business information that has been changed

Until now BrightLocal offered a network of three local data aggregators via Citation Builder:

  • Data axis
  • Foursquare
  • Neustar localization

These sites have a combined network that covers hundreds of sites and platforms such as Apple Maps, Trip Advisor, MapQuest, and many more.

Many BrightLocal customers use local data aggregators in addition to manual citations submissions to give their businesses wider reach and eliminate existing inaccurate information. As they offer free updates for 12 months, they are ideal for businesses that may need to frequently update information such as business hours or a change of phone number.

The addition of GPS Network and YP Network takes our coverage beyond what’s available on the market while still delivering unbeatable value (more on that later).

Extended coverage for all countries

Until now, companies based outside of the United States and Canada had the ability to use Foursquare only within Citation Builder. Data Axle’s network is limited to the United States and Neustar’s is limited to North America.

We are pleased to say that the The GPS network is available for all countries.

Companies based in the United States can use all five aggregators: Data Axle, Neustar Localeze, Foursquare, GPS Network and YP Network.

Canadian businesses now he can take advantage of Neustar Localeze, Foursquare and GPS Network

All other countries will be able to use both Foursquare and GPS Network.

How does this affect prices?

We have slightly changed our approach to pricing and discounts for local data aggregators. We hope our new pricing is much simpler and continues to provide unbeatable value.

We’ve made our Local Data Aggregator pricing consistent at $ 25 each and now offer a bigger discount when you buy in bundles.

Previously, the discount was only applied with the purchase of all three local data aggregators. The problem was that customers could never realize this benefit outside the United States.

Plus, the discount for all three was 8 percent, which, to be honest, seemed a bit mean to me.

So not only are we introducing a lower threshold for package discounts, we’re also increasing your savings to 20% when you buy all five.

Quantity Discount Price Rescue
1 Aggregator $ 25
2 Aggregators 5% $ 47.50 $ 2.50
3 Aggregators 10% $ 67.50 $ 7.50
4 Aggregators 15% $ 85 $ 15.00
5 Aggregators 20% $ 100 $ 25.00

How does it compare to other suppliers?

We have reviewed our price trends in the market and are pleased to say that we are still the cheapest option available!

In almost all cases, we offer five local data aggregators for less than what competitors charge for just three. In many cases, competitors are still bundling aggregators into high-priced products and services that obscure real costs. We strive to make our pricing transparent so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Supplier No. of aggregators Price
Bright room 5 $ 100
White spark 3 $ 99
Local Council 3 $ 100
DBA platform 3 Bundled: $ 108
Local of Moz 3 Bundled: $ 198
Yup 2 Bundled: $ 199

So even if you just want to stick with the three existing local data aggregators, they’re still over $ 30 cheaper than the closest competitor.

Increase your online footprint today

You can start tapping into the YP network and the GPS network with Citation Builder. Simply select one or all of the aggregators you want to include when creating a campaign.

If you’ve already completed a Citation Builder campaign for a company, you can still get in on the action. In your Citation Builder report you will see a section with all available local data aggregators.

Renewal aggregators

Click “Buy Now” to automatically create a subsequent campaign. It is worth noting that this is only possible after a campaign has completed and not while it is still in progress.

Kristian Bannister

Kristian is BrightLocal’s Director of Product and Marketing. He will appear on the blog to let our audience know about the great things that are happening at BrightLocal and in the local SEO industry. Kristian draws on a decade of SEO experience and has spent the past few years working in SaaS companies.

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