Exciting New Tools for Designers, September 2022

Summer is over, and we’re back at our desks to find that the best app builders, font designers, asset creators and developers on the web have been hard at work creating this bumper collection of exciting new tools delivered to designers and developers.

Below you’ll find productivity apps, icons, gradients, AI, and some great new fonts. Enjoy!

CSS scan

Forget right-clicking on a website to see how it’s coded. CSS Scan is a browser plugin that allows you to view any element’s CSS styles and copy them to your clipboard.


Create stand-out UI designs with Slicons, a set of 300+ pixel-perfect icons. Light, regular, and heavy versions match your typography and work with Figma, Sketch, XD, and Iconjar.


Codex is an IDE extension that lets you comment your code like a pro. Anyone on your team can add comments, questions or notes to any lines of code.


You can also get on board the gradient design trend by using Gradientify, a collection of 100+ beautiful human-designed gradients. Copy the CSS, or download free PNGs.

90 Bit Shape

Create unique logos, social media assets, clothing and abstract icons using this editable set of 90 Bit Shapes in vector form for Photoshop, Sketch and Figma.


Get paid in crypto using BlockBee. Web 3.0 payments infrastructure integrates with the best e-commerce carts, including PrestaShop, Opencart, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Flat file

Eliminate the woes of importing CSV data with Flatfile, a CSV importer that formats human-edited data files to eliminate errors and speed up B2B onboarding.


Easily cut backgrounds from images in Figma with the ClipDrop plugin. Any click removes backgrounds, objects, people, text or defects.


Craiyon is an AI drawing tool based on a hacked version of DALL-E. You can generate any image you want using a simple text prompt.

Google Headline Tool

Use Poll the People’s powerful Headline Tool to optimize your headlines for more effective search ads and clickable blog post titles.

Retro Postcard Effect

Embrace the trend of retro images using the Retro Postcard Effect for Adobe Photoshop. Easily drop your custom images into the placeholder layer for instant vintage style.


Hugo is an administration suite for freelancers that takes care of business with smart contracts, audit trails, and an integrated wallet, so you can focus on being creative.

CTA examples

CTA Examples is a database of call-to-action examples for every possible scenario. So, whatever you want to convince your users to do, you will find the best tip here.

Super person

Create unique 3D characters to wow your customers using Superhuman. You can customize clothes, hair and poses using 1500+ elements or choose from 500 pre-made characters.


PostHog is an extensive suite of tools built on a modern data stack. You can do more with your data by creating your own app or using one of the 50+ included for free.

Radix interface

There is no need to recreate UI components for React when you can use Radix UI. The high-quality, accessible components are perfect for web apps and dashboards.

Clip KB

Now you can create a searchable wiki for your business with a fraction of the effort thanks to KB Clip. Simply highlight a Slack conversation, and turn it into an article in one click.


A great way to monetize your followers is with a custom app. DropBlok is a no-code tool that will build the app for you.

Blofishing font

Blofishing is a gorgeous handwritten font that adds personality to your layout. It’s ideal for wedding stationery, social media marketing, and anything that needs a personal touch.

Haratte font

Haratte is an elegant font with elegant curves and a modern aesthetic. It’s perfect for logos, magazine design, social media assets, and more.

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