Exciting New Tools for Designers, October 2022

We write this guide to the best new tools for designers and developers every month. For October, we’re looking for tools to make you a better website builder, some useful utilities to make you more productive, and a scary font for the end of the month. Enjoy!

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is a brand new app for creating images from text prompts. You can create social media posts, blog images, and any other assets you need with its step-by-step guided process.


Remix is ​​a full-stack web framework for React that lets you focus on designing your UI. Remix is ​​focused on web standards and provides a resilient user experience so you can build better sites.


Ultra is a super fast package manager that uses hardlinks to install packages. It is up to ten times faster than NPM and Yarn, and the project is open source.


AskEdith is an AI-powered app that translates English to SQL so you can query your database without writing custom SQL. Type in a description of what you want to know, and the app creates the question for you.

Wide Angle Analysis

Wide Angle Analytics is a GDPR compliant Google Analytics alternative that puts privacy first. Track actions across multiple sites and gain insights into your site without exposing yourself to privacy breaches.


Imagine being able to import an entire web page directly into Figma. You can, with story.to.design, a great app that imports code into Figma to update UI elements or speed up redesign.


Metlo is a testing platform for securing APIs. By running comprehensive tests against your API, you can find issues like unknown endpoints before they become a security threat.


There is nothing more frustrating than searching for the right stock image when there isn’t one. StockAI is a day saver that searches for stock images, and if the image you’re looking for doesn’t exist, it will generate one for you.


If you’re blocking ads with your Google Analytics, check out this script from Growthfyi. It’s an invaluable service that doubles GA speed and makes sure it doesn’t get caught by ad blockers.


Sourcery is a great tool for developers that continuously reviews your code and automatically suggests improvements. Write better code, and catch errors before it goes to review.

Cyber ​​Security Icons

This set of Cyber ​​Security Icons contains 20 diagram-like icons. Additionally, there are some great interpretations of complex ideas like retina scans, crypto vaults, and end-to-end encryption.


Blinqo is a handy little Chrome extension for anyone who needs to share their screen. It allows you to freeze parts of your screen while sharing or recording, so your private data stays private.


Instaprice is a helpful new service that shows you what other volunteers charge for the job you’re quoting. Earn actual market rates and never pretend not to charge again!


Leta is a great app that lets you design your own keyboard layout. You can redesign the main sites for macOS, Linux or Windows and download them for free.


Build blogs powered by the Notion API with Blogic, a no-code blog builder that can create fast, SEO-friendly blogs in minutes. Custom domains and third-party scripts are supported.

Digital Maker Toolkit

The Digital Maker Toolkit is a collection of resources for anyone making digital products. It includes process instructions, a handy step-by-step checklist, a list of additional resources, and a guide to the tools available.


Slides is a static website generator that you can use to create beautiful, animated websites in minutes. Choose a layout from a collection of templates and publish with clean code that downloads quickly.


AXplorer is a privacy browser with a built-in VPN. Created by the Axia blockchain network, it generates free encryption in the form of AXIA coins when used to browse the web.

Type Engine

Can’t decide on a font for your latest side project? Font Engine is a handy little application that will recommend fonts for you. Tell him your brand values ​​and hit the ‘Recommend’ button.


Deliciozo is an excellent display font with irregular and stylized strokes, giving it a paper cut-out feel. It’s perfect for magazines, cookbooks, and even logos.


If you’re looking for a font to evoke the hippie era, look no further than the psychedelic stylings of Kayino, a groovy display font with crazy details.


Noganas is a spooktacular font for the upcoming Halloween festival. Use it to add a whimsical flair to your seasonal designs.

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