Exciting New Tools for Designers, May 2022

The overarching theme of this month’s collection of new tools and resources is development. Almost every tool here makes dev a little easier, faster or simple fun. The mix contains some great tutorials to help you get used to trying new things and techniques.

Here’s what’s new for designers this month…


Cryptofonts is a huge open source library of icons depicting cryptocurrencies. The collection contains over 1,500 CSS and SVG elements. Cryptofonts includes all scalable vector icons that you can customize by size, color, shadow, or almost anything else. Works with Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma, and Invision Studio, and does not have JavaScript.

Decent Colors

Decent Colors is an open source color system for building accessible and beautiful color palettes. Colors are constructed using a coded chart. Each color comes in six numbered colors. The difference in their shadow number can infer the contrast between any two shades. The differences correspond to WCAG contrast ratios to help you create an accessible palette. This is a smart project and a valuable tool if you work on projects that require color contrast and accessibility (that is all of them).


Chalk.ist is a fun tool for making your code zones look great. Add your code (there is a huge language selector), select some colors and backgrounds, and then download it as a divisible image. Your code has never looked so beautiful!


WeekToDo is a free minimalist weekly planner. Improve productivity by easily and implicitly defining and managing your week and life. In addition, this tool is aimed at privacy with data stored on your computer (in your web browser or in the application). You are the only one who has access to it.


Bio.Link is a tool that gathers all your links – from social media to blog posts to any other link you want to share. It’s free to use, includes 15 design themes, visitor statistics, and is extremely fast.


Spacers are a set of three-dimensional space characters that you can use in projects. There are characters in multiple positions and in ultra-high-def formats to play with.


11ty is an extremely simple, static website generator. Try your small projects and read the documentation to see everything you can do with this tool.


Scrollex is a reaction library that allows you to build beautiful scrolling experiences using minimal code. You can create scrolling animations in all types of combinations – vertical, horizontal, almost anything you want to try. The documentation is enjoyable and easy to understand if you are to see how it works.


GetCam is an app that lets you turn your smartphone into a webcam for your PC. Works with any iPhone and Mac or Windows PC. Works with most video conferencing and streaming tools as well as browser-based apps.

Flat file

Flatfile is a data boarding platform that implicitly makes sense of the mixed data that customers import and changes the format you rely on. No more dirty spreadsheets or building a custom tool.


Loaders is a collection of free loaders and spinners for web projects. They are built with HTML, CSS, and SVG and are available for React and copypasta.


Lexical is an extensible JavaScript web text editor framework that emphasizes reliability, accessibility, and performance. It’s made for developers, so you can easily prototype and build features with confidence. Combined with an extremely extended architecture, Lexical allows developers to create unique text editing experiences that scale in size and functionality.

Perfect Pictures Images with Modern Img Element

This tutorial is why the img element is such a powerful tool in your development box. Images are so prominent that they are part of the most important content in more than 70% of pages on the mobile phone and desktop, according to the largest content painting metric. This post gives you information on the best ways to optimize and enhance the basic basics of web at the same time.

Build CSS-Feature-Ratio-Ratio Combined Grid

Building a CSS-Aspect-Ratio-Two Combined Grid provides a solution for creating the title effect. You can define aspect ratio for the new series or use Flexbox with slightly flex growth magic. Learn how to experiment both ways.


QIndR is a QR code generator made for events and appointments. The form is designed to capture your event information so you can quickly build and use a QR code for listings and even let users add it to their calendars! It is extremely fast and easy to use.

On-Scroll Text Repetition Animation

Scroll Text Repeat Animation shows you how to create an on-scroll animation that displays repeated fragments of a large text element. This is a fun easy lesson that you can use immediately.

Eight Colors

Eight Colors will do nothing for your productivity, but it’s a fun game you won’t be able to stop playing. It is a block-shifting game with the goal of moving circular blocks to achieve the given goal.

Vintage creative

Creative Vintage is a pair of print fronts including a thin script and a vintage slab serif (with fine rough styles). The pair are designed to work together for different uses or can be used independently.


Hardbop is a vintage font with a lot of personality. It would work great for display, and the family includes seven full – style character sets.


Kocha is a funky ligature-style font that is perfect for lighter design elements, including logos or packaging. It includes clean and rough versions.


Magnify is a large print family with 16 styles and plenty of fun alternatives. You can use it directly or with the more funky styles that create less traditional character forms.


Stacker is a fun and futuristic style print with a triple outline style. Use it to display when you really want to make sense.

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