Exciting New Tools for Designers, June 2022

Automation is the theme of this month’s collection of exciting new tools for designers and developers. There are tools to enhance your images, tools to create diagrams, and tools to make your workflow more efficient. Plus, a whole lot of tools that are just simple fun.

Here’s what’s new for designers this month…

design strip

Designstripe allows you to create beautiful illustrations with no design skills. Drag and drop various features into place, then customize them for your brand.

Maestro design

DesignMaestro is a free keyboard extension app that lets you automate the tasks you repeat on a daily basis. Set a macro with a keyboard shortcut, and tap the shortcut to perform the action.

Ghost 5.0

Ghost is one of the best personal blogging platforms around, and version 5 is enhanced with custom code, video support and performance upgrades.


Yep is a new search engine from the makers of Ahrefs. Built from the ground up, Yep will give 90% of its advertising revenue to content creators.

CTO Field Guide

The CTO Field Guide is a free e – book for anyone who has been promoted to the role of technology officer or is seeking a technology leadership role. It’s a simple guide to making the most of your first 90 days in the job.

ASCII Art Paint

Art Paint ASCII is a free open source web application for creating images consisting of text characters and hieroglyphs. It’s a great way to add pictures to text – only formats.


Make your own fun wallpaper art at up to 8k resolution using Effekt, a combination of image editor and visual toy.


Animatiss is a great collection of CSS animations that you can use for free. Adjust the speed of the animation, preview it, then copy and paste the code into your project.


Skiff Mail is an email application with end-to-end encryption. This means that your email remains private and secure, so you are free to discuss sensitive topics.

Super Designer Tools

Master Designer is a collection of design tools to perform simple tasks. There is a background generator, a pattern generator, a blob generator, and many more – free to use.

Web Interface

Web UI is a collection of UI kits and templates for Figma and Adobe XD. Most designs are free to download and use for projects, and some require payment.

Free Online Background Removal,

Use this free online background remover to erase photo backgrounds quickly and easily, allowing you to paste the foreground over flat colors, gradients, or even different backgrounds.

Untitled UI Icons

Untitled UI Icons is a set of clean, consistent, and neutral icons made for Figma in Figma. There are 3,500 icons in total. Free download the lines style program.


Make an old school Macintosh for Mac or iPhone with this retro wallpaper and icon set, and transport yourself back to 1984. OS is a premium download.


Shrink.media is a free app for web, iOS, and Android that lets you reduce the size and dimensions of your image files to reduce their footprint.

Free 3D Avatars,

This large library of 3D avatars is perfect for any project that requires team images. There are different ethnicities, clothes, facial expressions and accessories, so you do not run out of options.


Felt is a modern web map maker that gives you more control, more design options and easier sharing than Google maps.


SureScan is a helpful app that searches for terms and conditions on suspicious terms for you, so you can spend your time doing something less boring.


Refurbishment is a codeless form builder that you can use to create clean branded forms for your business with no design or coding skills.

Foundry Copy

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