Exciting New Tools for Designers, January 2023

It’s the start of a new year, and product designers are already launching thousands of new apps, tools, and resources.

The January edition of our monthly roundup of the most exciting new downloads for designers and developers features everything from full-blown applications to handy little projects. Enjoy!


Visible lets you explore, analyze and interpret data as a team to uncover insights and make better decisions. Build fresh data visualizations with drag-and-drop components or JavaScript.


Blocs is a no-code website builder based on Bootstrap 5. It has a whole heap of templates, so all you have to do is pick one, customize it and add your content.


blogstatic is a great no-code blogging platform with a minimal UI that lets you focus on nothing but your content. It has SEO built in, plus themes and hosting is included.


Lessmail is a great way to clean out your inbox for the new year. Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters, delete old messages and focus on the email you want.

Final Side Project Playbook

Is 2023 the year you launch a web conquering side project? Give yourself the best chance with the Ultimate Side Projects Playbook to guide you through the process.

in the country

Get your web designs, prototypes and other creative work fast using Ashore. Upload your files, share them with interested parties, and track when your designs are approved.


Phrase is an AI tool for researching, writing, and optimizing content with high-quality SEO keywords. Write anything from content briefs to blog posts in a fraction of the usual time.


Uiverse is a community designed collection of UI elements that you can use on your site for free or even submit your own designs for others to use.

A river

Rive is a great application for building fast, interactive animations and motion graphics for the web. Rive’s built-in animations can run on the web or in native apps.

Vuestic interfaces

Vuestic UI is an excellent UI framework for Vue. Every feature is fully customizable, and Vuestic UI integrates seamlessly with other component libraries for even more options.


Localfonts.xyz is a simple way to browse the fonts installed on your local machine in your browser. It’s a quick solution to choosing fonts for your designs.


PixelBin is a tool for optimizing and delivering images. It uses AI to transform your assets and allows you to use larger and higher quality images without bloated load times.

Early bird

EarlyBird is a no-code landing page generator perfect for teams launching an early-stage website. You can quickly get your product online and start validating it with real users.


RippleUI is a toolkit for UI design that improves the Tailwind approach by simplifying classes to reduce the amount of code you need. In addition, it includes utility components and classes to speed up your web development.

No AI Code Model Builder

If you want to build your own AI models but don’t know how to code, you can use No Code AI Model Builder to generate AI models in minutes.


Save hours creating social media templates with Templatify, a collection of 201 templates for Twitter and Instagram. There are dark and light versions, and a full video tutorial shows you how to customize them.


Detangle likes the small print by using the power of AI to generate human-readable summaries of legal documents so you can understand what you’re signing.


CSS Hero’s Mesher creates incredible colorful gradients that can be customized and exported to CSS for use in your projects.


OldestSearch.com is an interesting look at the web that was. Enter any search term, and it will return the oldest matching links available on Google Search.

GPT detection

Detect GPT is a helpful Chrome extension that scans the content of web pages and determines if the content is generated by AI. It is very convenient to check the validity of blog posts.

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