Exciting New Tools for Designers, February 2023

No matter what you’re working on, you can guarantee there’s a cool app, resource, or service that will help you do it faster, better, and cheaper. And so every month we post this roundup of the most exciting new tools we’ve discovered in the last four weeks.

This month, the AI ​​revolution continues with tons of AI-powered tools. But that’s not all; You’ll also find business apps, marketing tools and services to help you grow your startup. Enjoy!

The Org

The Org is a new way to attract top talent to your startup. Use it to showcase your existing team, show candidates where they fit, and highlight your available roles.


Fibery is a streamlined all-in-one solution to take your startup from idea to MVP. Manage your project using roadmap, CRM, research and feedback tools.

Ordinary Tips for Ordinary People

Common Tips for People is a collection of ChatGPT tips to help get the most out of AI. Explore tips, vote up, and collect the tips that work best for you.


Sociality is a marketing platform for managing your social media channels. It allows you to schedule content, analyze performance, and monitor your competitors.


Swimm is a streamlined way to document internal code and make it searchable within an IDE. You can share notes across development teams and keep everything in sync.

Wave Web

WebWave is a code-free drag-and-drop website builder that doesn’t rely on grids to layout elements. Designs are fully responsive and can be animated.


BlogHunch is a brand new blogging platform. It is SEO optimized and based on a codeless design tool, so you can express yourself exactly how you want without worrying about server stuff.


Rayst is a browser extension for Chrome that lets you see the facts behind websites. You can see its tech stack, traffic, funding, and more.


Morise is an AI-powered tool to help you conquer YouTube. It uses data from the most successful YouTube channels so you too can go viral.


GhostWrite is a simple tool that uses AI to compose emails for you. So whether you’re resigning from a job or applying for a promotion, getting the right name is a great way to go.

A week

Week is a task management tool with many features to help you take control of your work life. Create tasks, tag them to different projects, view your day, and see how you perform throughout the week.


Ivory for Mastodon is a brand new social media client from the makers of the much-loved Tweetbot. Currently it is early access and iOS only.

A mirror

Mirror is a flexible platform for publishing content using Web3 technologies. For example, publishing a blog, creative writing, and community updates, and tying it to Ethereum.


Fonty.io is a handy little tool for analyzing the fonts used on a website. Simply enter the URL, and spit out the location of the fonts, and their weights, and styles.


Fana is a payment solution for businesses that provides flexible payment solutions for B2B transactions. In addition, it has built-in fraud prevention, and is easy to integrate with existing payment flows.


Humanic is a service that lets you uncover the signatures that never convert, so you can focus on the ones that do.


ToolJet is an open source platform for developing internal tools. The low-code app creator has built-in UI components, a drag-and-drop builder, and linked multi-page apps.


Pais is a new group of Latin Latin fonts with 36 styles and weights from Thin to Black.


Kodezi is a helpful tool for coders that debugs, corrects and guides your programming, so you produce higher quality code.

Astro 2.0

Astro is a web framework that has just been released in version 2. It is designed to work with the tools you already use, like React and Vue.

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