Exciting Design Specialties to Expand Your Skill Set

Design, whether for print or web, has never been a more diverse career. In general, the more you can do for your client, the better and more work you will be able to accept.

But what exactly should you focus on when trying to learn new skills? You probably want to pick skills to learn that have universal appeal and can be applied to many different types of client projects.

Here are five exciting design specialties to expand your skills.

Learn Photography

This is an obvious one. There are many benefits to taking your own photos, both creative and legal. Learning about lighting, camera angles, and photo composition can greatly enhance your designs.

Many designers are already expected to do the work of a photographer, so why not take a few classes and practice to build a truly professional experience in the field?

When you take a photo, it’s yours. It’s your intellectual property, and no one else’s permission is required to use it for client work. This power can speed up your design process, and, if your photos are good enough, it will also help you pay attention to the relevant media channels.

If you or your client have something to promote, it’s very helpful to have professional photos ready to be plugged into a blog or print publication.

Learn video editing

Extension of photography, with “moving parts,” as it were. Videos are an area with a multitude of opportunities that are increasing in popularity even as you read this.

People have long decided that they enjoy watching videos online, and your clients are waiting for someone with the expertise to take advantage of this huge market.

If there is an opportunity for your clients to take advantage of video media, it is your duty as a service provider to make them aware of this and to inform them of the possibilities.

Clients will be urging you to incorporate videos into their businesses when they see how simple it is to do so. You can learn the basics of video editing for free (ironically) on YouTube.

Learn video editing

Learn Motion Graphic Design

Long used in the advertising industry, motion graphics are also making their way into the web. Motion graphics can be applied to everything from animated typography to the responsive design of mobile apps.

Software like Adobe After Effects can help you with your motion graphics pro. Of course, motion graphics software is not cheap, but the increase in the percentage of what you can charge for your work is to make it up.

Learn 3D Effects

3D exploded into the world of design. Especially with the advances in 3D CAD technology, which is building the craft from the esoteric realm of product designers and animators and putting the power in the hands of the common people to create almost anything they can dream up.

The rise of 3D printing is also helping to generate more interest in 3D. Free software like Blender and SketchUp can put you at the forefront of this exciting field.

If you think 3D design is difficult or complicated, think again. Simplified, free software made for 3D printing can virtually eliminate the learning curve, and the library of free 3D base models reduces the amount of modeling required to create something unusual. which is growing.

Learn Mobile Web Design

Since last year, the number of mobile users is estimated at 6.4 billion. Yes, that’s right, over 6,400,000,000 people currently use a mobile device.

That’s a lot of potential customers your clients want to reach. The more you know about mobile design, the more valuable you will be to a wide range of clients.

Learn mobile design

As you can see, there are many exciting design specialties to explore. You can expand your client base and make more money as long as you know how to do it.

Of course, these are just five of the most common and potentially useful skills, but the possibilities are endless if you know how to make a huge impact on a design niche.

Things like calligraphy, origami, or even knitting and basket weaving can help your career. All you have to do is know where and how to apply expertise.

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