Designers’ Weekly News № 651

WordPress Theme Team Releases New Plugin for Creating Block Themes – A new plugin lets you create a block theme directly within WordPress – then export it for use anywhere.
Example from WordPress Themes Team Releases New Plugin to Create Block Themes

Releasing Datha.js: A library that takes color seriously – A look behind the scenes of this new JavaScript library.
Example from Releasing Color.js: A library that takes color seriously

Grid Effect Making Routes – Constructs a grid interaction effect when adjoining items make their way to a selected one that widens.
Example from Make Way Grid Effect

Style Issues – This new CSS specification allows you to query the style of any parent element within a page and apply styles to their children.
Example from Style Questions

8 Synthwave Celebrating CSS and JavaScript Snippets – Examples of how this retro style is being enhanced with modern code.
Sample from 8 CSS and JavaScript Daemon Celebrating Synthwave

Glossary Page Template – This one-page HTML template has a built-in editor to create a glossary.
Example from Glossary Page Template

Protected CSS – Explore practical CSS and design tips that help build future-protected user interfaces.
Example from SEC Defense

6 Free Animated Font Templates for After Effects – Add some harvest to your video projects with these animated fonts.
Example from 6 Free Animated Font Templates for After Effects

Dashibase Insert – Notion-esque forms builder that integrates with Supabase.
Example from Dashibase Insert

My Dumbest CSS Mistakes – A look at some common typos and brain cramps that are all too easy to do.
Example from My Dumbest CSS Mistakes

Content Design Icons Viewer – Check out this cross-platform desktop utility for searching, copying, and embedding content design icons.
Example from Content Design Icon Viewer

Heazy SVG Creator – Make custom SVGs with the help of this browser-based tool.
Example from Heazy SVG Creator

25 Free Light Leaks & Photoshop Brush Pack Effects – Add strong light effects to your images with little effort.
Example from 25 Photoshop Brush Packs for Light Leakage & Effects

UI Filler – A small library of copy-and-paste premises holders for your design projects.
Example from Filler Interfaces

When should you use WordPress Site Editing? – Cases where the use of the new design feature would make sense.
Example from When Should You Use WordPress Site Editing?

Display Code – Make your custom code graphics with this online editor.
Example from Showcode

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