Designers’ Weekly News № 650

Areas where AI can (and already does) Benefit Web Designers – Artificial intelligence has the potential to make a web designer job easier.
Example from Areas where AI can (and already does) benefit Web designers

Figma Avatarg Plugin – This Figma plugin allows you to generate avatar images.
Example from avatar

Single Element Loaders: The Bars – Learn how to create CSS animated loading bars with this tutorial.
Example from Single Element Loaders: The Bars

Stacked Overflow Developer Survey 2022 – Find out what over 70,000 developers had to say about tools, learning and more.
Example from the 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

dappKit – This SDK allows you to build apps to sell NFTs, tokens, and other “Web3” items.
Sample from dappKit

Accessibility Tip: How to Test Color Contrast Ratios – Learn how to test and repair color contrast ratios for your site.
Example from Accessibility Tip: How to Test Color Contrast Ratios

Logo Trend Report 2022 – A look at “good, bad and ugly” this year.
Example from the 2022 Logo Trend Report

Design Systems Survey – Get the perspective of over 200 web professionals working with design systems.
Example from the Design Systems Survey

10 Uncommon (But Extremely Useful) WordPress Plugins – Discover some useful plugins that you will use over and over again.
Example from 10 Uncommon (But Very Useful) WordPress Plugins.

Bunny Fonts – Check out this open source, privacy web font platform first.
Example from Bunny Fonts

Can we entrepreneurship the CSS grid? – Explore options for integrating CSS Grid into your enterprise app.
Example from Can we enterprise CSS grid?

Do’s and Don’ts of Pair Font – How to find the best font combinations for your website.
Example from Do's and Don'ts of Paired Copying

20 Professional Hoodie Mockup Template for Photoshop – These templates make it easier to place custom images on a hooded sweater.
Example from 20 Professional Hoodie Mockup Templates for Photoshop

What is HTTP 103? – How this HTTP feature can help optimize the performance of your Web site.
Example from What is HTTP 103?

Fresh – A web framework that includes server side rendering and progressive enhancement.
Example from Fresh

Matt Mullenweg identifies GoDaddy as “Parasitic Company” and “Constraint Threat to WordPress Future” – Why the WordPress co – founder had some words of accusation for the hosting giant.
Example from Matt Mullenweg GoDaddy Identifies as a

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