Designers’ Weekly News № 642

8 CSS & JavaScript Fragments that Improve Hamburger Menus – Examples that show how to enhance and extend the capabilities of your hamburger menus.
Example from 8 Years CSS & JavaScript Enhancing Hamburger Menus

What’s black and white and read all over? – Explore Noto, a black and white emoji font.
Example from What is black and white and read it all over?

SEC Toggle Explained & Recommended – Look at what the SEC toggle would look like if adopted.
Example from CSS Toggles Explainer & Proposal

A Practical Guide to Centralization in CSS – Learn how to centralize almost anything using CSS.
Example from a Practical Guide to Centralization in the SEC

Web Accessibility Checklist – Use this checklist to create accessible websites and applications.
Example from the Web Accessibility Checklist

10 Photoshop Actions to Create Comic & Cartoon Stunning Effects – This collection of Photoshop actions will help you create amazing cartoon effects in seconds.
Example from 10 Photoshop Actions to Create Stunning Comic & Cartoon Effects

Modular CTA: How to Build a Web Component – Learn how to build a modular window using HTML only.
Example from CTA Module: How to Build a Web Component

What’s Coming in WordPress 6.0 – A preview of what’s to come in the next major WordPress version update.
Example from What's Coming in WordPress 6.0

Flexibly Oriented Feature with Side-Aligned Content – A simple technique for creating a common CSS layout.
Example from Flexibly Oriented Element with Side-aligned Material

Finding Strong Element Head Test Elements Finder – A look at Front-Automatic Interface testing.
Example from Finding Strong Start Test Elements Start Writing

10 Free Plugins for WordPress Elementor Page Builder – Use these plugins to extend the capabilities of the popular WordPress page builder.
Example from 10 Free WordPress Elementor Page Builder Plugins

Progressive Enhancement and HTML Forms: use FormData – Learn the finer points and benefits of using FormData.
Example from Progressive Enhanced Forms and HTML: use FormData

Tailwind Ecommerce – Ready to use HTML clips and templates to create ecommerce projects.
Example from Tailwind Ecommerce

25 Photoshop PSD Laptop Mockup Template – Showcase your design work using the outstanding laptop mockups.
Example from 25 Photoshop PSD Laptop Mockup Templates

Let’s Git It! – All Orders Needed by Beginners! – Use this affordable ebook as a handy Git reference.
Example from Let's Git It!  - All Orders Needed For Beginners To Know!

MemberPress Plugin Locks Users Out After Support License Expires – How One WordPress Plugin Shutdown Tactical Tactical Tactics was a distraction.
Example from MemberPress Plugin Are Users Locked Out After Support License Expires

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