Designers’ Weekly News № 640

SVG Ideal Exports – Some ideas on how design tools should export the vector format.
Example from SVG Ideal exports

Scroll Text Repeat Animation – This tutorial presents an on-scroll animation that repeatedly displays fragments of a large text.
Example from Scrolling Text Repetition Animation

Design System Anatomy – Define a common understanding of how systems link core brand elements to digital interfaces.
Example from the Anatomy of the Design System

8 Unique Animated Backgrounds Built with CSS & JavaScript – Examples of animated backgrounds that run the gamut in terms of appearance and use cases.
Example from 8 Unique Animated Backgrounds Built with CSS & JavaScript

Decent Colors – Check out this free open source color system to build accessible color palettes.
Example from Decent Colors

How to Repair Your Low Contrast Text – Learn how to resolve one of the most common accessibility issues on the Web site.
Example from How to Set Your Low Contrast Text

Lexical – An extensible framework for JavaScript web text editors from Facebook with an emphasis on reliability, accessibility, and performance.
Example from Lexical

What You Can Learn from Picky Design Clients – The big picture benefits of working with even the most preferred clients.
Example from What You Can Learn from Picky Design Clients

Highlights – Download this free email template for Figma, complete with light and dark themes.
Example from a Specified Email Template

Skware – Have a retro feel for your projects with this free pixel icons collection.
Example from Skware Icons

Photoshop Cloud Brush 100 – Create beautiful cloud effects with this free brush pack.
Example from 100 Photoshop Cloud Brushes

Top 20 Photoshop Action Sets Best Glitch Effect – These incredible glitch effects are just a click away with these Photoshop actions.
Example from The 20 Best Photoshop Action Glitch Effect Sets

WikifoxJS – Grab content from Wikipedia with this powerful API.
Example from WikifoxJS

Download perfect images with modern <img> element – A look at how images affect performance, along with helpful tips for optimization.
Sampla ó Pictiúr íomhánna foirfe leis an eilimint <img data-lazy-src=

Sneat – A free open source HTML administration template built with Bootstrap 5.
Example from Sneat Administration Template

Typographic Scale Calculator – Use this tool to create a harmonious type scale.
Example from a Geographic Scale Calculator

massCode – Keep your code clips within access with this free open source organization app.
Example from MassCode

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