Designers’ Weekly News № 627

Clay.CSS – Use this library to add 3D clay-morphism styles to your design.
Example from Clay.CSS

Wanda – Check out this open source design system built for digital products and experiences.
Example from Wanda

PHP in 2022 – What’s in store for the popular language this year.
Example from PHP in 2022

Announcing CSS Parcel – Get the details behind this CSS parser, compiler and minor.
Example from Announcing CSS Parcel

Mesh · y – This browser-based tool will help you create mesh gradients that can be exported as PNG images.
Example from Meshy

8 Excellent Interface Snippet CSS and JavaScript Chat – Chat UI Examples that run the gamut from retro to ultra-modern.
Example from 8 Years of Excellent CSS and JavaScript Chat Interfaces

A few unfamiliar Figma tips – Helpful tips to increase your efficiency in the design app.
Example from a few little known Figma hints

Simple.css – Use this classless CSS framework to enhance the appearance of HTML elements.
Example from Simple.css – Explore this open source toolbox for colors.
Example from

The Secret to Successful Food Packaging Design – Take a “field trip” into the design process behind some of the most successful and effective food packaging designs in the industry.
An Example from the Resolution to Successful Food Packaging Design

Beercss – This framework will help you build Content Design features.
Example from Beercss

Design Editor – Like Canva, this app lets you create images in React, draw diagrams and set compositions. From there, you can export to various formats.
Example from the Design Editor

Omni – Chrome extension to manage tabs, bookmarks, browser history and more.
Example from Omni

Are low cost WordPress projects worth your time? – The answer depends on what exactly you want to get.
Example from Are Low Cost WordPress Projects Worth Your Time?

IPhone 14 Mockup – No, the iPhone 14 has not been announced from this writing. But this free Figma model gives a glimpse of what could be.
Sample from iPhone 14 Mockup

Read Web Designer’s Digital Waste – Digging through 20+ years of dead prints, apps and projects.
Evaluate an example from a Web Designer's Digital Junk Mail

Proge – Test your programming knowledge with this language guessing game.
Example from Proge

Brutalita Sans – Try this experimental / brutal text editor font.
Sample from Brutalita Sans

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