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Are you looking for a specific font that will provide your next project? Or maybe you want a font with a beautiful design and a rich history behind it. Fortunately, small print sites allow us to creatively explore the origins and history of print. We know (from our own experience) how important it is for UI and UX designers to have a variety of fonts for our designs.

Now that 2022 is here, it’s time to expand our print collection. That’s why, after extensive research, we have created the final list of the 16 best creative mini – websites for fonts.

Are you ready to take a look at the most creative, cute and fun print websites available on the market?

1. GT Eesti

This website deals with the history of one of the most popular fonts on the market, GT Eesti. As you will notice, the print has a long history (over 80 years) and was recently revised in Switzerland.

As for print, GT Eesti sans is a flexible geometric serif that can be used in almost any project. As one of the most creative websites for fonts, full of animation and interesting information, GT Eesti quickly added it to our list.

2. Ultra Font

Are you looking for a font that combines calligraphy and elegance and sits between the sans and serif styles?

Then GT Ultra is just what you need. We loved how the creator tells Ultra’s story and structure with beautiful animation on this unique one-page Web site.

3. Cló Maru

Maru is the cutest design on this list. The website is a vertical story on the history of the font.

The typeface was inspired by the designer’s trip to Japan, and the miniature site fully reflects that. Best of all, Maru includes a great collection of emojis and cute stickers.

4. GT Flexa

GT Flexa is a very flexible font that you can easily use for responsive interface design. We enjoyed going through the minimalist mini – site and exploring the creation and history of Flexa.

Flexa also offers a free trial that lets you try out the font before you buy.

5. Sár

Super mini site reminded us of previous years. GT Super is a vintage typeface inspired by serif fonts of the 70s and 80s.

So it can beautifully frame nostalgic designs. The font was designed by Noel Leu and is available in two styles (text and display).

6. GT Zirkon

GT Zircon is located in a place where creativity meets minimalism. This is one of our favorite mini – sites for fonts.

The site illustrates the history and design process of Zirkon through creative graphics, videos and animations.

7. Font America

This mini – site lets you explore the history, style, and character overview of GT America, a contemporary print family.

The designer used elements from American Gothic and European Grotesque to create one of the most versatile typefaces available.

8. Alpine

Reto Moser designed one of the most popular GT fonts recently, the Alpina serif “Workhorse”.

This innovative one-page website tells us the story of Alpina and explains how the designer managed to explore, position and flex the typography of classic books to create a wide range of font variations.

9. Type type

As the name implies, this miniature site is inspired by the reels of classic cinematic films. If you are looking for a print inspired by the wonderful world of cinema, then Cinetype is the best choice. And on this creative Web site, you will learn all the reasons.

10. Cló Haptik

When it comes to one-line geometric typefaces, Haptik is one of the best. This innovative mini – website tells how the Haptik font came to be and highlights the history of the font.

The hand gesture gifs at the bottom of this one-page site are some of the most creative mini-videos we’ve seen in a long time.

11. Walsheim

Walsheim is a font designed by Noel Leu. This mini – site explains how the designer was inspired by the stunning poster design of Otto Baumberger, a successful 20th century Swiss painter (1889-1961). If you like fonts that have a deep background, you must have Walsheim.

12. Prospectus

The Prospectus mini-site is specially designed to look like a newspaper. And let’s just say: the result is extraordinary.

This one-page website examines the origins, construction phase, and font classes, allowing us to test the weight, height, tracking, and font-size in real-time.

13. New Mort

Mort Modern is a unique serif print designed by Riley Cran in 2018. The mini-site provides print information in a creative cartoon way.

We really liked this responsive, one – page website as it is elegant and colorful at the same time. The font is available in 56 (!) Styles and promises to beautifully frame any kind of modern design.

14. Tofino

The Tofino mini-site is a one-page creative portal that allows us to discover one of the most adventurous Swiss-style fonts on the market.

Tofino is a great choice for any travel related project and has 75 unique styles. When it comes to creating a good craft report on print, there is nothing better than this.

15. Font Print

We love websites that offer both dark and light theme. And the faction’s mini-site is one of them.

In this mini site you will learn how the Faction font was created and why it is one of the most popular display fonts for modern designs.

16. Muiris

If you are looking for a unique sans serif font with multilingual extended support, Moriston is the font for you.

In this one-page mini-site, Riley Cran tells the story behind this print and explains why Moriston is the best choice for Risograph posters, monograms and much more.

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