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One of your top priorities as an entrepreneur in Australia should be to establish and improve your online reputation. If you are new to digital marketing, you may not know the best way to do it!

Adding your business to major review sites in Australia is a great way to start growing your online presence. This will allow you to collect positive feedback from customers or customers who demonstrate your experience to others.

With so much information available online these days, it has become common for consumers to search for a brand before making a purchase decision. This means that a less-than-impressive review profile could be detrimental to your long-term business success.

We have compiled the following list of the best review sites in Australia to help you kickstart your efforts. In creating this list, we have deliberately chosen only sites with a high domain authority to increase the results.

Note that: The review sites listed here are not necessarily the ones we can monitor and manage using BrightLocal’s Reputation manager tool.

The best review sites in Australia

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