Are You Charging A Little For Web Design Services?

The hardest part of designing websites for a living is to set your prices. It is a fact that we all struggle to set a fair price for your services.

If you are lucky, you are part of an agency that is experienced in design directors and is able to evaluate projects objectively. But if you’re a freelancer – or one of those design guides – you have to set your own rate.

Finding a sweet spot in the market is a challenge. You want to be competitive or you get a job price. But you also want to be able to lead the lifestyle you want.

The truth is there always someone cheaper. There is always someone who believes the myth of ‘revelation’ and will do a free project. You can’t compete on price, and you should not really try. If you were competing for price, you are almost certainly cutting web design too low. Where you should compete is based on quality and results.

When you no longer compete for price, you can raise your rates.

How Much Do You Charge for Web Design Services?

To find out what most professional designers charge, we ask you to answer the following two questions (anonymously).

We want to know how much you charge for web design services per hour. (We do not necessarily recommend charging an hourly fee, but because projects have a different scope this is the best way to compare prices.)

Because the value of the dollar fluctuates sharply – $ 1 goes much further in Patagonia than it does in Norway – we also want to know how much you charge per hour as a percentage of your monthly housing cost (for rent or mortgage).

Remember, most experts in the field agree: No matter how much you charge for web design services, you are probably charging too low. Maybe it’s time to raise your prices.

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