8 CSS & JavaScript Magical Snippets Celebrating Harry Potter

Few pop culture icons can come with Harry Potter. What began as a series of novels quickly became a global phenomenon. The books have been translated into many languages. The ensuing films grossed billions of dollars. Not to mention a huge line of collections and entertainment attractions.

It’s big enough. Therefore, it is not surprising that this wizard world has also captured the imagination of web developers. Some are too happy to pay homage to their favorite characters and scenes with a magical touch of CSS and JavaScript.

There are key examples throughout CodePen. Everything from character art to complex animation is on display.

Today, we’ll show you 8 of the most spell – binding code snippets. So prepare your wands and get ready for a trip into Hogwarts!

CSS Animation: Map Marauder by Olivia Ng

The term “living document” has a completely different meaning in the wizard world. More than just static text and images, this Marauder Map traces the movements of Harry and Professor Snape. With this rather magical place, you can even use your device’s microphone to open the map.

See CSS Pen Animation: Map Marauder by Olivia Ng

Single Harry Potter div character icons by Alvaro Montoro

When you think about it, there is a special kind of magic with a one-div snippet. It takes a lot of creativity to make something as unique as these character icons in one simple container. We have characters here who represent various Hogwarts houses – Harry and Draco Malfoy among them. CSS Grid is used to create the on-site layout.

See Harry Potter’s Div Single div character icons by Alvaro Montoro

Harry Potter by Christina Stephan

Who’s up for a Quidditch game? In this fun animation Harry is on his brushes, searching for that elusive Golden Snitch. Even better is that the entire collection is responsive, so you can watch it fly around any sized screen.

See the Harry Potter Pen by Christina Stephan

Harry Potter Puppet Friends: Bother by Christina Gorton

We have a colorful animation here that envisions Harry and his rosary Ron Weasley as puppets. What are they doing? Bothering Professor Snape, of course. Powered by SVG and GSAP, the stick has a great baby-like quality.

See Harry Potter’s Pen Puppet Pals: Bother by Christina Gorton

Deadly Halls by Joshua Ward

From the last book in the series, the Deathly Hallows are three powerful magical objects – symbolized here by CSS. Note also the very narrow cloud animation in the background, giving the scene a mysterious feel.

See the Pen Deathly Hallows by Joshua Ward

CSS Puns – Invisibility Cloak – Harry Potter by Maciej Leszczynski

Items that are part of the Deathly Hallows include Cloak of Invisibility. Throw it and sit around that you have not seen. This cluster shows his power, as Harry begins to disappear as the cloak moves in front of him.

See the Pen CSS Puns – Invisibility Cloak – Harry Potter by Maciej Leszczyński

Mad Libs – Harry Potter Edition (single player) with Sofia

Everyone loves a good Mad Lib! This one is about the wizard world. Fill in the blanks and insert them into an excerpt Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. In terms of code, the form functionality is provided by JavaScript – not PHP. That in itself is a little magical.

Watch the Mad Mad Libs – Harry Potter (single player) edition with Sofia

The Daily Prophet and Sowjanya

After a long day of throwing out on the go, it’s a nice thing to curl up with an edition of the Daily Prophet. The newspaper is famous for its moving images, and this replica is very formal. As a bonus, there are some great hover effects that bring the stories to life.

See The Daily Prophet Pen by Sowjanya

Magic Buttons for Web Designers

Tributes based on a code compiled by Harry Potter fans are a lot of fun. But it’s more than just entertainment. These snippets also provide a learning opportunity.

This magical place acts as a perfect catalyst for creating special effects and functionality in real life. The code seen here can be adapted to spice up almost any project. In short: what you learn at Hogwarts will stay with you forever.

Looking for more code snippets inspired by Harry Potter? Get on your brushes and head over to our CodePen Collection for a complete set.

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